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    Am I the only one that's super pissed the HOA abilities will be shields and heals? I had hopes it would be actual abilities, such as Legion legendary level abilities.

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    You were only setting yourself up for disappointment then.

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    They just posted some of the traits on Wowhead and there seems to be a decent mix up of more passive things like shields/heals that activate under certain criteria and active abilities that buff stats, do damage, etc. I think it looks pretty cool, honestly. We'll see how it translates into gameplay soon enough.

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    the shared aspect of the system strikes me as adding a button for the sake of adding a button, the only change being every 30 seconds you see all the dps shoot a fireball :P

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    Yeah I thought they were going to have class / spec related abilities and passives.

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    Its probably the easiest thing they could bootstrap in without having to design it for every spec so the desirable traits are still on gear.
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    After what I see on it, it isn't only shields and heals, there's damage abilities too.
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    Meh, I prefer it this way. Instead of a pure dps thingy, you get some situational stuff with damage potential.

    Of course, most of the playerbase don't even aknowledge the existence of their health bars until they die, but some players know how to handle their defensive cooldowns, and one more won't hurt.

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