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    Quote Originally Posted by Nalorakk View Post
    Play the human faction, get human themed rewards
    Oh fuck off the horde was founded on peace and love they should be riding pugs and kitties into battle

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    those are in reality game shop mounts that are put into game while they know that people who will buy they will do it by buying tokens not by farming gold.
    Excuse me? Are you really saying that the recolors of pterrordaxes and 5-year-old gryphons are game shop mounts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schizoide View Post
    I made MUCH more money in Legion. Back in WoD I maxed out around 15k gold/day on gold missions, by the end of legion I was topping 55k gold/day.
    Idk the exactly amount of gold/per day but in wod i had only 5 chars at max level, in legion 8 chars but only my main did argus questline(that unlock those 2,5k quest in the table) and i get more than 5 Million, i bought the 2M spider mont, and now after 2 raids buying flasks and stuff, i got around 700k in all my chars.

    *And as someone post above, in the last PTR each mount cost 90k, which just give me more motives to not buying those.

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    Yeah, finishing Argus was essential in making money back in Legion, same as the naval missions back in WoD. Also I did it on 11 and then 12 max-level characters.

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