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    Quote Originally Posted by Daedius View Post
    Here in Ireland anyway -- social welfare gives you €200+ a week per person, and free [council] housing.
    that's awfully generous
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    i'm already poor in 2019, 90% sure the forklift driver has more money than me.

    if i take the rich option, it wouldn't be me that's rich, it'd be my husband. women were property in those days.

    but, i'll say rich in 1019. maybe i'd be happier married off as a wife with wifely duties. if i'm not, i'll probably die in childbirth anyway, so eh, win win.
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    No amount of richness would save you from being treated with leeches, or bled, or fed god knows what to treat you if you got sick. And good luck if you lose a hand or a foot or something.

    No thanks. Poor people in america still have access to the internet, phones, TV, public transportation, clean water(mostly), and any number of other advances. It might not be all the great in 2019, but it beats the living donkey balls off anything 1019 had.
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    Hard to say. On one hand you'd almost certainly be happier back then in that situation but also your quality of life would be lower. I don't think there is a "right" answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Binaris View Post
    1rather be poor with internet, besides. 25 years old at that time means you only have another 10 years or so before you shit yourself to death
    Life expectancy in early time periods was low in the 30s due to high death rates in childhood and at birth. If you could make it to the 18-21 range your life expectancy was somewhere in the 60s.

    Poor in 2019 easy one. They are going to cure a ton of crap and advance medicine in the next 20-30 years so that we will live to be 250 or just be immortal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Binaris View Post
    1rather be poor with internet, besides. 25 years old at that time means you only have another 10 years or so before you shit yourself to death
    Low life expectancy had more to do with how rampant child mortality was than the average person surviving childhood to then die at 35.

    If you actually made it to 25 you'd have a pretty great chance at seeing at least 50-60.

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    Rich in 1019. To be one of the ten richest, I'd be prominent aristocracy. I'd have no notion of what the Internet is or why I'd want a computer, power and land would be what I would measure worth by.

    As brought up early on by @Rafoel, I measure life by what I have and can imagine. Perhaps today I don't have glipfnd, something that in a thousand years even a poor person couldn't imagine giving up, but I have no idea wtf that is or why I'd miss it (or even how to use the three seashells).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Katie N
    Wtf? No weapons? xD What is this? Restricted training environment?
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    I thought this was an Amadeus thread...

    On topic tho, I'd be poor in 2019 and receive welfare than being rich in 1019 and get sacked by barbarians on a weekly basis. Easy choice for me.

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    The average annual salary for a french forklift driver is 22k euro, plus free healthcare and other financial support for low earners. That hardly qualifies as poor and let's you live a comfortable life without worries.
    What would you even do in 1019, even with all riches and power available? Fuck until you die of some cut 8 years later?
    I don't see how this is even worth thinking about.

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