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    You mean most states don't get four seasons like they do on the East Coast?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Low Hanging Fruit View Post
    I mean Texas gets 4 seasons. Summer just lasts 7 months, Spring and Fall last about 1.5 months each, and winter gets about 2 months.
    Sounds like Calgary, except swap Winter and Summer.

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    Hawaii is the only one I think. Even Alaska, has some parts of it, which there are clearly seasonal changes. Same for Florida. Ask the citrus growers who have to take special steps in times of frost there.
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    Florida gets four seasons: Summer, Pollen, Hurricane, Football

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    In the southern portion of California, it's hot in the summer, less hot in the fall, cold in the winter, less cold in the spring. The seasons aren't really distinguished by weather events specifically as rain and snow are not consistent events with the seasons. Before you start babbling about "well this is REAL cold" and stupid shit like that, when the winter daytime highs are 40s-50s and the summer daytime highs are 95-110, there's a distinct difference in season. lol

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