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    Blizz need to be better and more careful with races and characters

    I've noticed while a lot of emphasis goes on humans, orcs, and key characters, Elves are played by a lot of people and one of the favourite race of the lore nerds. while blood elves dominate the horde, night elves have the more focused lore fans, even though their numbers are fewer than human - but only a by a small margin. (possibly more amongst the loyal fans, because human is the default race for most new players, so their numbers are higher - take away that inflation and the one caused by those who pick purely for pvp and you'd find night elves the race more cared about on the alliance. )

    So a lot more people notice mistakes, notice bad storylines and lore things.. and actually are much more affected by ignoring stuff or writing crap stuff.. and I don't think they realise.. take the NElves, because there are so many dedicated fans, they are going to notice and be upset with no progress for their race, constant putting down, and only used as tools to push humans and other characters by them being victims, scapegoats or the ones sacrificed. This makes the larger majority of fans annoyed and feel crap, cos you have a much larger group of people now always feeling second fiddle, for another - and the devs don't realise this because they think we all care so much about humans and that's all the alliance is to us, we won't notice just as they don't notice, when Nelves are thrown under the bus.

    If they make mistakes with blood elves, and portray them in a bad light, it is easily noticeable, because many a horde fan follow the Blood elves like crazy, if the Belves are given the same treatement as the darkspears or the night elves, or the gnomes or Tauren, they'd be riot.. Fortunately they do get represented quite a lot , and when they show up they, like humans are usually on top. You feel like they match their lore description, where as with nelves, you don't.

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    I somehow doubt Blood Elves are the most popular Horde race for their lore.

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    Of course Blood Elves are the most popular Horde race by far, have you seen the other Horde races? They are one uglier than the other. That has nothing to do with the Blood Elves' story.

    If the Nightborne didn't look so ugly and shallow, they could have challenged the Blood Elves for number one spot of most played Horde race. If Blizzard added a Dark Ranger allied race that looked like Sylvanas, Blood Elves could lose a lot of their playerbase as well.

    You are delusional if you think that Blood Elves are so popular because of their lore.
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    Normally, most people don't really care that much about lore, finding quests fun and whatnot doesn't really mean they care about it, so it doesn't really matter if Blizz portray races in a bad light or just poorly. Most people choose races because of their looks.

    And in general, it's getting harder and harder to care about this game's lore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ls- View Post
    Normally, most people don't really care that much about lore, finding quests fun and whatnot doesn't really mean they care about it, so it doesn't really matter if Blizz portray races in a bad light or just poorly. Most people choose races because of their looks.

    And in general, it's getting harder and harder to care about this game's lore.
    Depends currently the lore is hit in the face with cinematics and people aren't ignorant enough to turn a blind eye in controversial things like Teldrassil.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ravenmoon View Post
    where as with nelves, you don't.
    I don't know where you get this from. The biggest complaints I've heard about the nelves have been because they're being painted by their lore description, and people completely forgot what that was. When they act xenophobic towards the magic-using, war-abandoning nightborne causing them to join the Horde instead, or when Tyrande does something brash and impulsive, that is completely consistent with WCIII. It had just been so long since the nelves got any lore focus that people forgot, or simply didn't care what their previous depictions were.

    At the moment where it made absolutely the most sense for the night elves to buckle down and engage in some bloody, guerrilla warfare as they were left to fend for themselves against the full strength of the Horde, we got this.

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    I think night elfs are currently getting their racial identity back which was for the most part missing since world of warcraft existed. I think it was perfectly fine for Tyrande to look at the Nightborn critical, she was already harsh in the past. I would have loved to see how night elfs integrate with these town elves it would have been a true cultural clash. A lot of night elfs would probably despise the Nightborn while a lot of the Shal'dorei would view most night elfs as low born.
    But thats clearly not the direction they want to take. Nightelfs go now back to being savages who have no mercy with intruders (at least if they are Horde). In the end, this will make them more distinct from nightborn and blood elfs.

    Also I don't think that blood elfs are so popular because of their lore. Otherwise you would need to make this assumption about humans as well.
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    So it's basically rant about night elves losing more often than blood elves? At least your race has any lore focus. Blood elves show up only where there has to be some paladin or mage mob. They have Sunwell, but have you ever seen them using it? No, they are weaker than in BC.

    People say that blood elves aren't played because of lore. In most cases, of course they aren't. Most of people don't care about lore at all and races are chosen by appearance and racials. However, they and nightborne are my favourite lore races and I play them because of lore. If I had to play high elf(the Alliance is there for you), I would rather play forsaken or goblin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StationaryHawk View Post
    I somehow doubt Blood Elves are the most popular Horde race for their lore.
    Are you saying Blood elves have lore? lol.

    I certainly don't play BELFs for the lore, nor VELFs.... Actually come to think of it, I don't pick any race based on the lore.

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    I think the story has to fit it's medium and I can't see Blizzard being able to write a game of thrones like plot (20 houses/races all having their own motivations and interwoven storylines in the backround of an "evil megaforce invasion") in the storytelling space of an MMO (maybe 15 minutes of dialog per patch?).

    The RTS had 4 races, the plot had a beginning and an end, and you were supposed to play all races in a fixed order. That's why it worked as an epic.

    If WoW would try something similiar, I think all that would happen is that we would get even more confusing and/or simplistic charatermotivations and plots.
    So I would actually say that the opposite would help the game. Currently the game is trying to tell a story about two factions at war and a civil war within that faction while the world is dying and the old gods are doing evil stuff and also there is a mysterious death god that might or might not actually control one of the faction leaders. It's just to much to fit into one WoW expansion.
    BfA could have been a good expansion to focus on one war and maybe 10 characters. Then they might actually have had the time to set up a proper motivation for the whole thing. We could have seen some characters grow, some epic deaths and a plot that has a beginning a climax and an ending that all fit together.
    Now what we get is a bunch of bonfires where each racial leader gets to say one sentence, characters who get set up as the protagonists at the beginning who then just vanish for entire acts, tons and tons of meaningless sideplots that do not get us anywhere and sudden shifts in motivations that we dont have the time to explain.
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