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    Quote Originally Posted by matheney2k View Post
    You guys aren't REALLY sad are you?
    Why live in a world without Grumpy Cat?

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    Sad day indeed for Grumpy fans everywhere. I didn't personally know her, but I could relate to her. Soar on little one....the Rainbow Bridge awaits RIP Grumpy Cat/ Tardar Sauce :'(

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    In SSC banished by Murkbloods again.

    I feel worse for her owners, losing pets can sometimes harder than the loss friends/family. (I can speak from experience on this one.)
    You know, it's kinda funny. On this forum you can question and criticize celebrities, developers, even governments. But only two you will net you instant infractions; religion and the actions of moderators. Really puts into perspective the literal god complexes we're dealing with here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Santti View Post
    I could never do that. I fucking loved my cat. Took years to get over her passing away. The very idea of having her stuffed makes me ill. She was very much part of the family, and you don't take family members to a fucking taxidermist...
    Taxidermize a relative instead!

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