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    I do not understand why most people think that people played Vanilla were basically drooling on themselves on the other side of the screen.
    It's hyperbole of course, but it's not without a grain of truth. You have to understand that no one really knew anything - the developers included. They designed with a lot of heart and not a maximum of forethought, which is fine - after all it's been over a decade of refinement now and there's still some issues left.

    Today's WoW is mathed out, inundated with guides, and played by people who've already been at it for a few years - or who, at the very least, have some experience with games or even MMORPGs. That wasn't the audience back then. People hadn't grown up playing games online. There weren't 20,000 titles on Steam to choose from at the flick of a finger, and people hadn't played 100 games before that taught them all sorts of industry-standard expectations.

    You could go into WoW wide-eyed and without any deeper knowledge of mechanics, and still have fun - because it was designed with those kinds of players in mind. If you put that in the hand of TODAY'S players, it's no surprise everything looks simple and plain. We know better. We know more than a decade better. Not because we're more intelligent, but because we're more experienced - but as so often, a lack of experience is conflated with a lack of intelligence. Hence the whole drooling idiot meme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Netherblood View Post
    It's more so majority of people I talk to about classic, including myself, were 12-13 when we played vanilla. Also general gaming culture and mindset was a bit different back then in mmos.

    People weren't drooling but level of play at top end and has gone up a lot since Vanilla. General level of play probably has gone up a bit too. This is not unique to WoW either, League of Legends is same, and not only at professional level. If you watch old video from Season 2 play at like Gold mmr level and at same mmr right now, you'll see a huge difference in game knowledge and mechanical skill.

    People in general improve as things get harder, they rise to the challenge. This happens in any pvp game because you are trying to be better than others and other people are trying to be better than you so you both improve. Same thing happened in pve though, as raids got more mechanics and rotations for a lot of classes got more complex than 1 button and people just played more, they improved their general level of play.
    Vanilla wow was VERY basic, the only thing that added difficulty was lack of information (as in - it's easier to get it first-hand, than find a resource on the net).
    Nowadays you have multiple reliable sources of information, people of various skill levels are exposed to each other (LFG/LFD), streams and videos of other players performing, so the "bar" of "accepted" skill level inevitably rises.

    I want to repeat that vanilla was very basic, it didn't demand much from you as a player, the most complicated job was a job of a tank in a dungeon - that's literally it. Anybody could just "rise to the challenge" but they choose not to (naturally, as players don't do that, this was already proven multiple times in various games). People improve only when they want to improve. As things get harder people tend to just stick to easier stuff and/or leave.

    WoW is not a "pvp game", it's a mmorpg, it's not just "click play button, get a match, perform". "In PvE" it works the other way, as even blizzard admitted with cataclysm - when people hit a wall of "hard" they just fucking quit or stop doing that content.
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