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    WoW Classic Beta Population

    Hey, does some1 knows the pop on the 2 server?

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    Quote Originally Posted by digme View Post
    Hey, does some1 knows the pop on the 2 server?
    No one knows the population count.
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    On live servers will be about 9000 players max per server

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    a streamer did a count of /who for every level on alliance side. in total 415 alliance players were online. The average online population is probably somewhere around 1k, with more online when popular streamers are streaming.

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    thx m8s_______________________

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    The beta server population doesn't tell you anything about what it will later look like though.
    - very few people have been invited to the beta as far as I know
    - and quite a few people that want to play classic don't have active accounts at the moment which means they wouldn't even be eligible to enter in the first place (I know because I'm one of them)

    I'd like to know why you ask that question. Do you want to know how many players are possible from the technical side per server? Or is this about "how much interest is there" point of view?

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    Im in and its really hard to tell. Its not a whole lot of people though. No where near a realm pop.

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    cant say i only get into beta for shitty things like WoD MoP and BFA. but anyway not sure how accurate this is. https://barrens.chat/realms.php

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarx View Post
    On live servers will be about 9000 players max per server
    Uh, no. Just because private servers overbloat their playerbase to ridiculous numbers the number will most likely be around 2500-3000 which is nearer towards the real vanilla cap and around which respawns etc. are designed.
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