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  • Na, i wanna go to 60 asap!

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  • Yay, would be cool to experience the whole WOW slowly!

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    Absolutely not! End game is what matters, don't make it slower than it already is.

    If you want to level slow and explore, just do it, no one force you to speedlevel...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xykotic View Post
    If you want to stay at 40 and muck about checking everything out extensively and farming out all the SM gear, then that is perfectly doable without roofing in the rest of us. I'd even encourage slowing down here and there to farm dungeons for stuff you want and explore zones you want to explore. Its not fun for everyone. If you want a slower experience, then give yourself that experience, but don't also demand everyone else follow suit.
    Agree. I'm fine with content such as raids and dungeons being timegated, but don't timegate leveling. Not everyone enjoys farming dungeons such as SM over and over for temporary BiS gear, only for it to be worthless after a month already. Timegating leveling is like drip-feeding a hungry person. For a moment it feels good, but overall it feels horrible.

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    If you want to stay at 30, then stay at 30. Nobody is forcing you to keep leveling.
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    Yes, someone actually said that.

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    Something something gating, something something blizzard greedy, something something powerleveling is a choice, something something handholding, something something catering
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rendark View Post
    That sounds dumb.
    Not just sounds...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Machismo View Post
    If you want to stay at 30, then stay at 30. Nobody is forcing you to keep leveling.
    Hell arguably it's gonna be easier to sit at level "caps" since Classic could potentially have a "twink" PVP community in each bracket (something that I think has been missing from live since ... Cata?)
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    Trebuchets new meta.

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    no, the casual who loaded the responses on the poll can stuff it.
    no one should be hamstrung to your level.

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    It's going to take me three months (or more) to level to 60 anyway. Why do I care how long it takes other people?

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    Having cap is not going to stop rushing. It just means you rush 1 character, wait, then rush again. Of course, this is ONLY if you opt-in doing it that way. Otherwise, if you are not planning to rush, it won't matter if there is gated levels.


    Month 1: Level 20
    Month 2: Level 30
    Month 3: Level 40
    Month 4: Level 50
    Month 5: Level 60

    + Allows players to level more characters without feeling of falling behind. It's a catchup mechanic and gives time to level professions too.
    + Keeps players looking forward to the next unlock.

    - Creates "new zones" with congestion. Too many players leveling each time cap is raised, it's bit of a problem.
    - Restricting, does not give you freedom to decide whether you want to cap rush as you are time gated.
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    I'm going to level for 6-10 months, so I don't really care.

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