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    I had all three of the Centurians; Ace McLeod, Jake Rockwell, and Max Ray. POWER EXTREME !!!

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    1990's Meccano Set.

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    I don't remember having a favorite toy. But I do remember that I had a security blanket that I used to take with me everywhere. I was surprised to see my mom still keeping it as a memorabilia. smells bad though xD

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    Ordered by age (discovery/realization)?
    As my parents introduced me

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    Lego and Playmobil.

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    Action figure of He-man with his battle cat.

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    Probably my Super NES. I got that for Christmas around age 6. That thing could keep me busy for a long time. It was technically a Christmas present split between me and my brother, but I played it a lot more than he did. Our parents came up with something where the Super NES was mine, but the TV was my brother's, and since you couldn't use the Super NES without the TV, that kinda forced us to share.

    I was also all about Power Rangers from like age 10-13 and had a pretty good sized Zord collection.

    edit: also I had a toy Al Capone sort of gun. I can't remember enough about it to explain its inner workings, but it made machine gun sounds and threw sparks around when you pulled the trigger. That thing was badass. Something like that would probably be hard to find these days, I imagine (this was like late 80's/early 90's).
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