<Earth Go Hard> 2/2H, 3/9M is recruiting for a weekend raiding guild on the US - Mal’Ganis server. We raid Saturday and Sunday 8pm-11pm EST.

We are looking for weekend warriors to push mythic progression into 8.2 and beyond. We have players that run other content including mount runs/pvp/M+.

The guild will be providing feasts and cauldrons. You’re expected to bring your own potions and personal food in case you miss a feast etc. Augment runes are not required but recommended.

Currently we’re recruiting the following:

Any exceptional DPS and healers.

If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to the following:

Gliroot -GM : Btag: Bassanox24#1232
Discord: Gliroot#6143
Enjoy the rest of your day, and happy searching!