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    waiting for next expansion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triceron View Post
    I'm getting too old for WoW.

    - Casual friendly content, or lots of singleplayer content that I can progress and catch up to.
    - Content and rewards gating would have to go. If I have a string of a couple days to play the game as I want, there's no reason why my progress has to meet some arbitrary daily/weekly cap if I'm not able to commit to a weekly schedule. Despite being casual, I'm still a powergamer, and gated rewards hinder progress in this respect.
    - I have to be financially secure, so a $15/month is a hard pill to swallow considering bills and shit. No, it's not that I can't afford it, but a mortgage and a marriage can make any/every minor expense be well considered.
    - I need time. Harder with Real Life commitments.
    - I want friends to play with. My old guild is scattered to the wind, and I'm not interested in socializing with a bunch of people who treat this game as a lootfest and other players like NPCs to be used for personal gain.

    So honestly there's little hope in returning unless this game opens up to be an ultimate singleplayer experience. WoW just isn't the priority it used to be, and all I care about is seeing what happens in the story.

    Lol is blizzards fault that you dont have freinds... wtf, wow is not your personal game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Watchers View Post
    Lol is blizzards fault that you dont have freinds... wtf, wow is not your personal game
    WoW is everyone's personal game.

    And who the fuck said it was Blizzard's fault?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrLachyG View Post
    they are not "resetting" it at all - they are increasing the amount of levels from 50 to 70. if you're below 35 you immediately get boosted to 35 (I believe)
    will this artifact grinding garbage ever end. First it was with artifact weapons now it's with some trash necklace.

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    Remove the gear treadmill.

    Remove warforge/titanforge
    Remove random sockets (Gear either always has socket[s] or none at all)
    Fix azerite gear to not need respeccing, like with legion tier; always give an appropriate bonus.
    Also, lower the drop rate of gear to compensate. It will make upgrades feel more meaningful when they DO drop.

    Give back crafting of gear that actually requires farming (like in burning crusade days)

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    I am coming back for Classic only
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    After watching the crossroads cinematic and seeing that there is a candy crush world quest I won't be returning this expansion for sure. SoO 2.0 except this time we are DEFENDING a Horde city! Wow~! Such twist!
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    Close, but no cigar. The lesson is "Green Jesus knows the way, infidel."

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    I think if the only reason stopping you from bringing the guild back together is Master Looter, I don't think you should be making guilds at all. Speaking as an Ex-Guild leader myself, the loot system is such a small part of what makes up a successful guild.

    All I remember about Master Looting and using DKP, Loot Council etc. always caused some kind of dissent among those who are less fortunate. I mean DKP was a good system to retain players as its hard to walk away from all your points, but who hasn't seen situations where someone who has been saving their points, drop them all on great items and then just leave mid progression for another guild, or loot council decisions creating rifts between players deemed more important than other players. At least with personal loot those kind of issues can be removed and the guild doesn't feel the impact as much when someone leaves with a whole bunch of gear because it was essentially out of their control to influence.

    I would much prefer to manage a guild with personal loot than any other system.

    If there are counter points to this, please present them.

    I will say, I know there are fair and just people who play this game and will always do what is right by the guild and it's goals, but its selfish few who can spoil the entire thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Throwme View Post
    Flying. Pure and simple. Been unsubbed since shortly after launch and only came back to have plenty of time to do Pathfinder 1, so I was ready to unlock the rest ASAP.

    And it's going to continue like that with future expansions, as long as they insist on delaying flying for so long. It's stupid.
    This, I MIGHT resub when flying becomes readily available. Note that I said "readily"... if I have to jump through hoops and get duckmysick rep to exalted, I won't bother.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcusblood View Post
    If you are unsubbed, what are your conditions to return?
    I'm not currently unsubbed, but if I were, the only thing they could do to draw me back in would probably be to get rid of all the arbitrary bullshit you're constantly forced to do outside of your preferred type of content in order to stay competitive within your preferred type of content. I'm all for having a variety of content to keep you entertained, but they should all be for their own specific lines of content.

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    If the classes became unique again, not the bullshit with every role playing the same regardless of the actual class, with a couple of twists and different colors of spells, I may want to resub. I still probably wouldn't because of time limitations, but I would regret not playing. But Blizzard has fallen too deep into the homogenization trap to suddenly revert it in one or two expansions, especially with WoW clearly running out of steam.
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    When you play the game of MMOs, you win or you go f2p.

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    The game needs such serious overhauls and I have zero confidence in Blizzard pulling them off - so RIP WoW for me.
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    i was talking about horse cock again, told him to look at your sig.

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    Honestly? Probably nothing. Community has gone to shit and all anyone does anymore is bitch and moan. Moved on to other games and it's like a breath of fresh air.

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    Red face

    Well... any fair solution to this problem, I suppose.

    ps. Oh, those original threads...
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    make classes interesting and complex

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    I'll probably resub when some limited time thing pops up. until flying is available from the beginning I wont be subbed for anything other than a limited time though. ghostcrawler's doctrine that he'd rather not add things and possibly take them away was one I could still appreciate for the transparency. as far as I'm concerned they effectively took away flying so I took away my perpetual sub.

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    Two things.

    Complete class overhauls, make them interesting to play again.

    Sylvanas, dead. (I only want this because of the REEE it will generate elsewhere)

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    I will only come back for classic, the rest is dead for me. RIP World of Diablo 2019.

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