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    Not sure if The moderators humor is on another level, or this is actually legit.

    Either way, I'm laughing my ass off. if that infraction wasn't a joke, and the moderator who dealt that infraction reads this. Please seek help, you need to be wearing a straight jacket buddy.

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    Lol, a perfect example of why context matters. If you wrote it to an actual message, it could be flagged as minor flaming or trolling, but clearly it was just a joke playing on how kids speak... this is just a silly ban.

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    It was a bit silly....

    .....But you making a thread about it, makes me belive you deserve a ban xD
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    Scrapbots a bit on the slow side.

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    If you have an issue with moderation, please take the issue up with a Global (blue) moderator and we will explain or correct the issue. Posting about it in the forums is not going to lead to anything productive. Closing this here therefor.


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