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    what do u think about business charging foreigners more?

    do u think it is acceptable practice to charge foreigners more than locals?

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    Tourists always seem to end up paying more. There are places they call "tourist traps." They're restaurants and hotels that charge tourists a lot more. If you're a local, you go to the non-tourist traps.

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    A lot of countries rely on tourism. And I got no issue with Tourist Traps.

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    They're not. They're paying the same price as locals in the places they are being sold. It's just where tourists go the businesses know that more people = more people to part with money.

    Little tip, try off the tourist areas. Might even just be the next road. Prices will drop for yourself and the locals and you usually get more as well.

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    Tourist traps where everything is expensive? Fine. Even locals pay more there.

    Charging "foreigners" ie: people who dress, talk or behave differently than whatever the owner thinks is a "local" is bullshit though.
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    Unless you're being funded by taxpayers somehow, it's not justifiable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natta Lmo View Post
    do u think it is acceptable practice to charge foreigners more than locals?

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