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    Please nerf cards properly ffs

    There have been 2 cards that have been nerfed in the completely wrong direction and I don't understand how this just goes untouched. Dr Boom Mad Genius is probably the most broken card in the entire game and was nerfed the wrong way. All you have to do it literally take away the rush mechanic from any mech being played after Dr Boom is played and the card is actually balanced. It's mind blowing how this is still a thing, making it 9 mana is hardly the nerf it needed. Less of an issue is Conjurer's Calling, because the mana increase was needed, but literally just remove the twinspell mechanic from the card and its fine. They could revert the mana cost nerf but remove the twinspell mechanic from it and its actually ok as a 3 mana card. The other change that needs to happen is something regarding the druid quest deck. It is way too easy to complete the quest and it's arguably the most broken quest in the game, if everyone is playing the same broken deck with it. Entirely wayyyyyy too many disgusting "choose one" cards

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    Why would they nerf cards in such a way that makes them not the same card at all anymore when they can just make them a little less powerful by way of tweaking numbers?

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    Because the cards are too powerful as they are and changing the mana cost does nothing? But lemme guess, you play one of these same 3 decks that everyone else plays, and you probably emote after winning, because you are too clueless to actually try and create something on your own? This game is actually beyond awful, it's actually disgusting that you literally cannot try and create your own deck because of how broken some of the cards are. There is actually 0 counterplay to some decks unless you are specially playing one certain deck type.

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    I don't think I've ever seen them nerf the right cards, or nerf cards the right way. I swear to God they have no idea what they are doing.
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