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    With the recent success of Classic WoW, would you play a classic GW1?

    Greetings, champions! Long time no see, huh? Hopefully you're all doing fine.

    So, I've been watching a lot of streamers play Classic WoW, and I'm having a fun time watching their nostalgia. It's beautiful

    I've been thinking: I know that GW1 is still around, and some people still play it. But if ANET decided to make a classic GW1 rerelease, would you play it as well? Or is the game too dated for your tastes nowadays?

    See you around!

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    Honestly I never finished half the stuff GW1 already has...

    I don't even own Factions!
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    Huh... GW1 still exists. xD

    You can hop on and play all of it. There really weren't major changes with each xpac besides the addition of zones/stories and skills.

    What GW1 needs is more xpacs/campaigns if i'm honest. I'd go back.

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    GW1 as it exists has very much the same content as at release (at least as far as Prophecies go), there would be very little different.

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    A classic GW1 re-release would be a major PR disaster both by non GW players and with GW players alike. The people already playing GW1 would have their hopes up, then quickly have them dashed when they realise ArenaNet was simply trying to make a quick buck for literally zero effort (the game already exists. you can go play it right now.)

    The people that don't play GW1 right now, probably mostly won't join the hype, but those that do will feel like suckers when they realise literally nothing is different and they just bought a game from 2004 for $40+ again.

    The people that don't play GW1 and won't try it, will likely see right through it and take it as a stupid stunt. GW2, right now, is already in a pretty demoralised state. There is no more expansions as far as we know. The new 'sagas' seem like they will be lesser in scope than regular episodes. The head of the company just left. Everything 'Guild Wars' right now is in a bad way in the eyes of the players. The LAST thing they wanna see is a quick money grab attempt by a studio that is already notorious for its cancerous microtransaction program (they literally sell you mount skins for £20.)

    And then the people outside of both games, will not join at all, and just rip into it when it obviously fails and is exposed for what it is - a cynical money grab.

    Guild Wars 1 already exists. Players voted with their time and they voted for Guild Wars 2. The game, essentially, has already been proven to be worse than Guild Wars 2. No one that isn't playing Guild Wars 1 right now, wants to play it for any reason other than Nostalgia. It really isn't comparable to WoW Classic at all.

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    Gief GW1 with modern graphics and updated mechanics instead...

    I loved GW1 and how it was basically "the" RPG MMO.
    Then GW2 came along, and albeiti enjoyed it quite a bit, just ruined the franchise for me.

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    If a large influx of players start playing GW1 again from blank. Absolutely, still love the game to death but it doesn't feel the same forcing yourself taking Henchmen through all the content.

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    Literally no point. There was a graphics update for GW1 too, it looks even more amazing now.

    Now would I play GW1 if they just added new fucking content to it? Heck yeah I'd buy an xpac right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lathais View Post
    I think we may be waiting a long time for that to happen. Maybe even forever.

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    Absolutely. I really enjoyed the design of Guild Wars 1 and felt the game had a lot of depth in its gameplay systems.

    QoL issues and the aging engine are the only things that mar the current GW1. Though I know the devs relatively recently updated GW1, it's still very old at this point.

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    What kind of shit post is this? GW Classic is already a thing because the game never changed, and you're free to not play any of the add-ons.

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    Nope. In the words of David Lynch "what year is it?" everyone wants tv revivals, classic game servers and dead actors cgi'ed in movies. Sometimes the past is better left as the past. A lot of people tried classic WoW and went "okay, i thought i did, i really don't, was it always this clunky?" and i doubt its gonna be different for GW1. I would rather have attempts at new ideas than constantly pay for regurgitations of what i already paid and played already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Absintheminded View Post
    What kind of shit post is this? GW Classic is already a thing because the game never changed, and you're free to not play any of the add-ons.

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    Seems like a strange post when guild wars is there in a perfectly preserved state, or so you want an isolated shard where everyone is rolled back to level 1 for the levelling experience?

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    I'd try my hands on it, not sure if I'll play it for long though. MMO seems to be a dead genre to me, now gamers want something quick and fun, not reading stories or God forbid waiting hours to raid a dungeon.

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