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    Quote Originally Posted by Evil Midnight Bomber View Post
    Essentially, "fam" can be used in any circumstance "bro" would be used.
    yo, high five, totally cool, m8 ^^

    ...I guess?

    But seriously, thanks for explaining

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProphetFlume View Post
    Achievements should give game time.
    Hahaha...and then watch people totally going for it..wasting tons of hours of their RL time to get some "free" game time when they could totally have worked for a few hours even at minimum wage to make even more money and buy even more game time....

    But I guess it is all about the time you spend in a game that you love, doing the things you get free time to spend on the game you love.

    Just not the vibe I get from this forum.

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    But achievements already give mounts, titles, titles for professions (archeology for example). What more do you need? Profession transmog would be fun, as a alchemist i would like to have rather a kind of housing Alchemy, instead of transmogs, i love that damn fantasy of making flasks visually rather than just creating them with my hands magically purely from the book. Wanted to have a damn laboratory, with empty flasks, seeing the flasks gaining color by being "cooked".

    I already gave this suggestion to blizzard.

    Imagine even enginnerings having a fantasy enginer room for their own.

    Inscription using their runes and loads of books

    When you created something new on your private room from a profession, and when you reached a new max level on that profession you would get maybe a transmog that would give you the insight that you have evolved. Or as a alchemist i would like to have alchemy googles that would instantly mog everytime i entered to my Alchemy laboratory. And Earn the achievement title for every kind of alchemy you perform:

    Raids/Dungeon flasks - Fighting Master Alchemist
    Healing - Great Lifebloom Alchemist

    And so on. I also miss silly things from Alchemists for their to produce, like:
    -Potion of luck (that was in pandaria and got removed, should be brought back) for all expansions and future expansions to come. Liike overall if you're feeling unlucky on a shitty day, use the potion to feel you're might get something out of it. Like idk, picking herbs, you get extra. I don't even know tbh but luck is something always appealing. i want that thing.
    -Potion of Love - Purely 'cosmetic', just like making a buff on someone saying they like you or some sort of shit.
    -Potion of Rage - You would be red all and big for 1hour, as if you were enraged. As well only cosmetic, otherwise it would be kind of OP.
    Just like if it was a toy but instead is a potion.

    I just want professions to be great and feeling you're using them for your fantasy and not just for raids and dungeons and gear. I like silly stuff too.
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    I wish more rewards such as titles, mounts, appearance transmogs were tied behind achievements.

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