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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleax View Post
    I am a Khan, so I know what I am doing, I do all achievements.
    I have no idea what this means. =/

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    BS aside I would play mobile battle pets when away from the PC as a way to level them in game and such.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mvaliz View Post
    I have no idea what this means. =/
    At your service

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sfidt View Post
    Now you can buy pets off the AH. In mobile game you wouldn't be able to do that unless they link this to AH but then they would need to find a way for players to grind gold in the mobile game - what would impact WoW economy so much that the outrage would be too big to handle. Imagine having mobile players either posting pets on AH or buying them off AH and flooding the market with gold.
    They don't need to link the AH directly to the Mobile game. They can have the Mobile game have its own AH market and own gold currency. However, they would/could allow you to purchase pets in-game in WoW, transfer to Mobile, and sell on their AH and such - and visa versa. yes, it of course effects the market... but you can already do that with Battle Pets and other servers via transferring pets from one server to another, since they're account-bound and not character-bound - and the server economies were fine.

    And of course they would have players find a way to make Mobile-currency in the mobile game... probably thorough playing the game!? Ya think?! ;P

    And, as you mentioned, they can always have that handy-dandy deplorable microtransaction "Pet-battle goldboost" option! ;P

    Quote Originally Posted by Sfidt View Post
    Also a mobile game usually implies heavy monetization and microtransactions. If it wasn't linked to WoW accounts that would be probably acceptable. If it were linked to the WoW account this would cause huge outrage unless they didn't do microtransaction, which could be mostly avoided because people pay sub anyway (implying they wouldn't cash that cow which is unlikely).
    Why would it cause outrage? You currently have a bunch of pets you can't obtain normally via microtransactions in the game. Nobody's screaming about that for the past several years...

    Quote Originally Posted by Sfidt View Post
    If they (mobile only players) couldn't buy pets off AH that would put them in disatvantage.

    The result would be an absolute shitshow. They would have to make the decision imo.
    Again, don't see the problem if the in-game mobile game has their own AH, and there would be plenty of WoW players trying to sell WoW-based pets on the mobile AH for mobile game currency if cross-play is allowed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleax View Post
    Ohhhhh, the old BG acheesement title. I thought that was some sort of internet slang like "Blursed" or something. :P

    /raises hand here for "Seeker of Knowledge" title! ;P

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    there is a WoW game playable on phone, its called "Classic WoW"

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    100% I would play.

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