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    Vanilla: Resto Shaman
    TBC: Resto Shaman
    WotLK: Resto Shaman
    Cata: Resto Shaman (RIP poison and disease dispels)
    MoP: Resto Druid/Elemental Shaman/Demo Warlock depending on raid tier
    WoD: Guardian Druid
    Legion: Vengeance Demon Hunter
    BfA: Resto Druid
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    I've always played more than one character and never had a real main, but there is always one I do everything first on and is generally the most geared etc

    BC : Warrior
    Wrath : Warrior
    Cata : Warrior
    MoP : Warrior/ Hunter
    WoD : Hunter
    Legion: Mage
    BFA : Mage/ Druid

    It will depend on the revamp on what I main in 9.0, but most likely a ranged

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    I'll play whatever looks the most fun for pvp.
    Mained pretty much all classes at some point.

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    Sort of

    Vanilla : Mage
    TBC : Resto Shaman
    Wrath : Resto Shaman
    Cataclysm : DK
    MoP : Rogue
    Legion : Rogue
    BfA : Rogue

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    First and only time I changed my main was in Cata going into MoP.

    Early Cata ret was abysmal that I stopped raiding after the 1st raid tier. Meanwhile I picked up my enhancement shaman and raided a bit in MoP with it.

    Now, since I'm casual i play a variety of chars, with a focus on such a shaman and holy priest.

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    Vanilla: Mage
    TBC: Mage/Hunter/Shaman
    WotLK: Mage/Hunter/Warlock/Warrior/Paladin
    Cata: Warrior/DK/Rogue
    MoP: Monk/Warrior/Mage/Paladin
    WoD: Paladin
    Legion: Paladin
    BFA: Paladin/Mage

    I reached 45 level on my Vanilla Fire Mage. I was just a kid and couldn't pay a sub so I started roaming PS. With instant 70/80 servers I had more time to play classes at max level and that should explain why I had so much mains xD I remember back in 3.2 seeing a paladin in full T9 and I was so amazed at how epic he looked. So I made a Paladin and that has been my "true" main for the longest time. I also spent the longest time playing on WotLK PS' including most of the Cata period. Then MoP came and I was so amazed by it. So excited. And I took part in a writing contest about Vanilla memories and I won 1 of 50 keys among 5000+ participants. That was my first beta and I played a female Pandaren Windwalker named after my high-school crush xD Those few months it lasted changed my life. I was a vivid anime fan and I immedietely connected MoP's Asian influence with Japan. 5 years later I went to Japan for a year And now I have a female Pandaren character named after my Japanese girlfriend But it was in 5.4.8 when I realized my "true" calling. The Light beckoned. And I answered. It was my first time ever raiding with a guild despite the 0.2 FPS during Boss Fights. And those frog farms in TI. Best time of my WoW career. And when finally I got my Challenge Mode set (I couldn't do it with 5 fps in dungeons so I had to farm 90k gold worth of turtles ) and the Gakakras BIS trinket I felt so awesome! And then due to reasons I cannot mention here I lost it all (and no, it wasn't because of something I did). With Legion I was finally able to properly own an account and I just knew that the Ashbringer was meant for me. Now I am enjoying my Frost/Arcane mage in BFA (decided to take a break from raiding as a Retribution Wheelchair) and plan to switch to a Fury Warrior or back to Retri for 8.3 and the future. But I now have all classes at 120 so I can play anything I want Can't wait to see what new abilities and stuff we will get so I can dream about which class to play through which zone and at max level!

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    I do! Joined WoW in MoP. My first lvl 90 was a blood elf Unholy DK but I got bored of it, so I made a Monk and mained it until the end of the expansion (even managed to get the legendary cloak on this character). In WoD I hated how the class worked, so I made an hunter and mained it until the end of the expansion. In Legion pre patch I made a demon hunter and mained it for the first half of the expansion, but then made a blood dk and mained it on the 2nd half. Now in BfA I have only exclusively played my prot paladin.

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    Only swapped mains going from Vanilla into BC, when I parked my Priest and really got into Mage and Paladin. These have become my mains since then, with brief excerpts of Warrior and DK.
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    BFA was about as nuanced as a golf club to the testicles/ovaries.

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    Yeah I tend to unless I really enjoy the class i'll stick to it.

    BC: Prot Pally
    WotLK: Ele Shaman
    Cata: Resto Druid
    MoP: MW Monk
    WoD: MW Monk
    Legion: Resto Druid
    BFA: Disc Priest

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    Yes, I like to switch. But Warrior was so fun in Legion, that I expected it to carry me into BFA. But BFA is a dumpster fire and therefore I cba to play it.

    Vanilla: Holy Priest 1-60, made it to Patchwerk.
    TBC: Frost/Fire Mage 60-70, server first Illidan kill.
    Wrath: Protection Warrior 70-80, server 3rd Heroic LK 25-man.
    Cataclysm: Holy Paladin, medium-hardcore raiding.
    Warlords of Draenor: Fury Warrior, Top 10 Server Mythic Archimonde.
    Legion: Fury Warrior, Mythic High Command. Didn't progress due to IRL issues.
    BFA: Blood Death Knight for Mythic+/MDI content, but completely lost interest in BFA. Terrible iteration of the game, for ALL classes. I leveled 6 120s and couldn't stand a one of them.

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    EU - Blackmoore
    WotLK: Mage
    Cata: Shaman
    MoP: Shaman / Hunter
    WoD: Hunter / Holy Pala
    Legion: Hunter / DH
    BFA: Hunter / DH

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    My first ever character was a Night Elf hunter in Vanilla, with a pretty serious warrior alt.
    Switched to Blood Elf paladin in TBC. Raided TBC with both hunter and paladin.
    WotLK paladin became my raiding main.
    Stopped raiding in Cataclysm but played paladin as main until BfA, although always hopped back on hunter/warrior, mainly because I have the rare vanilla PvP transmog.
    Took my first massive WoW break in BfA. If I could say I 'mained' a character though, I would say I switched back to Alliance because of the story line.
    Always had alts (I like to have 1 of every class), but have consistently played pala/hunter/warrior.

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    Vanilla: Prot Warrior
    TBC: Prot Warrior
    Wrath: Death Knight (Frost/Blood)
    Cata: Death Knight (Frost/Blood)
    MoP: Death Knight (Frost/Blood)
    WoD: Did not play as duel wield Frost DK annoyed me enough to quit until Legion
    Legion: Holy Paladin (was sitting since TBC) but did play all classes.
    BFA: Ret Paladin

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    I main swap each expansion due to how Bliz keeps changing the 'feel' of whatever I'm maining.

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    I've always mained Subtlety Rogue and never had any interest in maining anything else.

    When they ruined Subtlety in Legion and BFA with ability pruning and a forced, cancerous new SpecFantasyTM I quit playing the game.

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    I sort of do, I'll try to explain:

    Vanilla: Paladin
    TBC: Priest (leveled a Warlock and Rogue during this time)
    WOTLK: Warlock in Naxx, Rogue in Ulduar, ToGC, start of ICC, Druid to finish ICC
    Cata: Druid until Dragon Soul, then Shaman
    MoP: Monk until Isle, quit until SoO, went back to Druid in SoO
    WoD: Rogue first tier, then I quit until Legion
    Legion: Used free 110 boost for Mage, played that first couple tiers and quit
    BFA: Druid and then Rogue until Classic came out
    Classic: Rogue, capped to 60, working on Priest now
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    Vanilla: not played
    BC: not played
    WoTLK: Priest
    Cata: Priest
    MoP: Shaman
    WoD: Shaman
    Legion: Monk
    Bfa: Monk

    Never tought of it but maybe i change every second expansion

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    TBC: Rogue
    Wrath: Death Knight
    Cata: Death Knight
    MOP: Death Knight
    WOD: Hunter
    Legion: (I always said if they released demon hunters its all i would play as i just love the aesthetic and the way they play) Demon Hunter
    BFA: Demon Hunter

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    TBC - MoP: Mage
    Mogu'shan Vaults - Throne of Thunder: Resto Druid (Guild was light on Healers and since I was the one who got our 10m Dragonwrath, I felt I owed the guild)
    SoO - Current: Mage (regained some Healer Guildies when SoO dropped, got to Mage again)

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    Vanilla: Rogue, changed to Mage ~4 months before TBC
    TBC: Mage
    WotLK: Mage
    Cata: Mage
    MoP: Priest - Quit during Cataclysm and missed most of MoP. Came back and played Disc PvP
    WoD: Priest
    Legion: Demon Hunter -> Warlock when void elves appeared
    BFA: Mage
    Speciation Is Gradual

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