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    How Popular is Arena on Retail?

    I haven't played Retail since Legion. How popular is Arena nowadays or over the past few expansions. What % of the playerbase do you think is still actively doing Arena? Is it less popular than it was in WOTLK?
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    Everything I have seen, at least on alliance side is that Arena sucks right now. People barely play it and it's incredibly niche to get into those circles.

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    There's always loads of people in the premade finder looking to do their weekly cap. If you want to do high level competitive pvp then I'd say that circle of people is as small as ever. RMD is king and games take forever. Relevant class changes have been non-existent all expansion. Even most of the tournament scene are playing classic/other games outside of tournaments.

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    It's always playable but the participation dropped hard in Legion and hasn't really recovered from it ever since. It was kinda fine at the start of BfA but got progressively worse over time.

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    I think the participation is likely lower than any previous point, BFA has been severely neglected from a PVP PoV (PVP Gear, Mythic+ Gear, Raid Gear, Balance, Rewards). I seem to remember lots of hotfixes for PVP in Legion and it felt to me like they were actually putting a lot of effort it. There doesn't appear to be any real Class Changes for 8.3 so people aren't really expecting a new season to change things much and right now Guardian Druids seem to be appearing in brackets, I've been enjoying watching Supatease in 3's with it.

    I still enjoy it and want to do things but mainly do 2's and not at high rating (1800 max). People still play but more casually than before. Lots of the streamers seem to be playing Classic over BFA. You can still get in and play though. Arena still exists though, if you were looking for 2's you can get games in easily.
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