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    Feels like the writers kind of forgot what we learned from MoP
    I don't think they really pay much attention to the lore. There's a clip from Blizzcon (maybe it was during Q&A) about the jailor where they said 'we didn't even think about muhzella'. They way it was phrased really sounded to me like they were saying they didn't know about muhzella. Meaning that when they are doing story development they don't go back and look at or try to understand lore. They just write whatever.

    The game and story would benefit heavily from them paying and listening to a few lore consultants at some key points in story development.

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    The cycle will not break. It is the logical outcome of a two-faction system where the factions are kept as separate as they are in WoW. I would be surprised if there wasn't another faction war outbreak by 12.0. Maybe Anduin will send Baine a letter with curious wording. Or a leader split from one faction will commit an act that the other faction will paint on the whole first faction. Or just someone will burn another city to the ground.
    With the Horde's ability to bounce back from nothing and minimal numbers to winning the War of Thorns in just four short years, we might have another large scale faction conflict pretty soon again. Another "fight for pure survival" (as I believe it was stated in the Cataclysm trailer).

    I like World of Warcraft, but, honestly, the whole constant faction animosity is tiresome. Considering how many incredibly large threats from outside both Horde and the Alliance we have faced - and how many we know are still out there, fighting one another is utter stupidity.
    It has been in MoP and Cataclysm, and it was in Legion and BfA. And as sad as it is, it will be again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sorrior View Post
    Man this speech needs to be taught to so many folks today. It is so true.
    I want a situation like this in WoW

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    The problem is meta. PvP players make up a substantial population of WoW players, and if you suddenly got rid of the faction animosity, you're killing PvP. Yeah, there are ways to explain around it, but none of the ones I've heard have been particularly compelling. I for one would not be heartbroken if PvP went away, but it won't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SinR View Post
    And Yet, here we are.
    Almost like some kind of creature has been influencing the minds of everyone on the planet. Weird.

    They should write a story about that!
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    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    Feels like the writers kind of forgot what we learned from MoP
    But BfA wasn't about striking back and forth at each other, BfA was about Sylvanas starting a war intentionally for no other reason then to cause death.

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