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    Quote Originally Posted by Bethanie View Post
    Ofcourse, I raid because I enjoy the challenge, the teamplay and camaraderie with my friends, the sense of accomplishment when we take down a new boss / raid together.

    These are pretty much the same reasons that I enjoy playing hockey irl. All the things that you listed are simply added bonuses, they are not actually needed in any way.

    So long as I enjoy raiding I will continue to do it. If you are raiding just for the loot and the other shinies, then I'm glad that you're not in my team.
    >he doesn't loot the enemy hockey team
    What a pleb.

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    Loot has never been a concern of mine, I'd still raid even if there was no incentive, all about the accomplishment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JarJarBinks View Post
    Title. For those of you who raid, would you still do it if didnt award any loot what-so-ever? No equipment, mounts, transmog, toys etc nada.
    I need rewards and progression in an mmo. I don’t think that’s wrong in any way(or wrong to be motivated by the experience). If I didn’t care about rewards and progression I wouldn’t be playing an mmorpg.

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