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    Should Disc have more damage/healing spells?

    Curious what folks might think of Disc having access to several spells and talents that
    can either be used to offer healing to allies or damage to enemies.

    While talents like Divine Star offers both healing and damage, it`s more of an automated, fire and forget spell,
    the kit of a Disc priest might offer more of an interesting approach to healing if you had to make a conscious
    decision between when to do utilize your spells for damage and healing.

    Examples could be:
    Schism: Now provides a friendly target with a small bonus to healing received instead of increasing damage taken on an enemy.
    Smite: Now provides a smaller absorption effect on an ally.
    Power Word Solace: Restores a friendly targets mana by 1%
    Mindbender: Restores health on a friendly target when they receive damage,
    or acts like a heal over time effect on the target.

    Obviously numbers would be tweaked and whatnot.
    Personally i`m a fan of the playstyle but i`m just wondering if more could be done to make the kit more interesting.

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    Blizzard has worked in-combat buffing of other players into Azerite Traits and Essences. They are very hesitant to move away from the "Holy Trinity" of Tank, Heal, DPS with respect to spec toolkits into more complexity and diversity.

    None of the healing specs, thematically, make sense as either "weird healers", as your examples might be defined as, or "support" or "buffers". All six healing specs are relatively straightforward - Restoration Shaman have the most thematic potential for "weird healing", but they already have weirdness with their multifaceted totems.

    So really what I think would be useful is a Bard spec, but Bliz is strict about their lore with respect to their core systems and there aren't Bards in Warcraft.

    The problem here is that Warcraft derives from traditional mythology, tied to J. R. R. Tolkien and H.P. Lovecraft, NOT from computer systems. So while from the standpoint of game systems it would be super-cool to have complex, strange interactions from spells and skills, from the standpoint of traditional mythology that makes absolutely no sense at all. Unless I missed the part where Frodo restores 1% of Gandalf's mana by damaging a goblin.

    Google's algorithms give us an idea of the ridiculous complexity of something that's not tied to any pre-digital system, while games like Chess and Go were previously deemed the super-complex systems of their age. Google's algorithms render them pathetically simple in comparison.

    Chess and Go are comprehensible to the human being, while Google's algorithms are incomprehensible to anything besides another computer. There's a strong hesitancy in Blizzard to move to the "post-human" age, probably because *human beings*, not computers, are their customers.

    So while eventually there will be such things as games that are formed entirely within the digital age, that are free to have strange, complex interactions, World of Warcraft is not that game.

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    I would love a talent or something that turbochargers Holy Nova and essentially turns in to and a Divine Hymn/Tranq equivalent. The Azerite trait by itself isn't good enough.

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    Change sins of the many to encourage doing your job rather than neglecting it, suddenly disc can dps.

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