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    Well...considering one of my initial attempts at creating a character was a dwarf priest in March 2005...I would count that as a caster class? But other than that...actually an intriguing possibility that this could be a reason.
    I didn't really consider priest as caster because he is usually forced into healing role.

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    Not enough digging holes and singing about it.
    Yes. Also, their greed is given to goblins. Which is sad because that would add an interesting dynamic between them and goblins. Also, it is weird that they do not master magic on level similar to elves, given their titan obsession.

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    If you are suggesting to take my Night Elfs Shadowmeld away, then please find some pike to run yourself through, tyvm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matrix123mko View Post
    I didn't really consider priest as caster because he is usually forced into healing role.
    Fair enough, I kinda thought that would be your reasoning. And truly, we had like 1 guy who was allowed to be a shadow priest....all others did indeed heal in Vanilla.

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    The vast majority of the population suffers from terminal cases of shit taste. This is an example of it.
    Proven by Bloodelfs

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    Perhaps their lack of prominence in Story has something to do with it?

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    they're my favorite race in wow. only problem is finding a class/spec that is fitting and fun. to me there's not a whole lot of options. warrior would be the obvious choice but wow's warrior class is the most unfun warrior i've ever played.

    luckily enhancement shaman has been pretty fun since the rework and their new visuals fit really well.
    I had fun once, it was terrible.

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    I love Warcraft dwarves, specifically the Dark Iron. I love the combination of the Art Deco style combined with the rock and magma, I also appreciate that they are an intellectual society, who value history, archaeology, magic, and engineering. The trouble is that:

    1. They are Alliance.

    2. They are not Vulpera.

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    Did anyone mention they're not knife ears?

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    I just feel like they didnt go "all out" on the beards/hairstyles.
    They feel like a low-budget LOTR-dwarf.

    I want diffrent kind of beards, no beard, just a giant stache and messy hair.

    (Kinda same with gnomes: Do you want to look like a bald guy, or a tech-nerd. Let our characters have theyr own personalities and let the lore-character /NPCs be the race-flagship)

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