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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinzora View Post
    No the bonus should exist so that it's equally efficient as playing with warmode off.
    So roughly 1-2% extra reward?

    I have warmode on for extra rewards... isn't really inefficient compared to no warmode to warrant such a big reward as currently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinzora View Post
    Because there was a mod who disagreed with my opinion so suspended me for three months.
    you know a 3 month suspension isn't for a first 'disagreement'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinzora View Post
    If this isn't a bug then today is the day warmode died.
    I could have sworn Warmode was pronounced dead when the bonus was announced. And again when it people thought it was an Alliance crutch... but you mean to tell me that it is in fact today that Warmode died? Crazy.

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    The gathering of coalescing isn't affected by your choice of wm - to even the playing field for the guys racing in the raids the next couple weeks.
    And because ally bonus is more than twice what the horde gets from enabling it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ceall View Post
    If this is true, I'll shout out of joy. Pvp belongs into instanced content, and only instanced content.
    no, just no, don't post stupid shit.....this is WORLD of WARcraft not World of INSTANCEcraft
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinzora View Post
    I was having tons of fun world PvPing in the vale yesterday, like waiting at the underground boss while shadowmeld and killing them when they engage so they can't complete the quest line lol.
    So you weren’t even PVPing. You were just ganking PVEers.

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    You love to see it.

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