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    the lost levels
    And Mario rpg the legend of the 7 stars

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    super mario galaxy.

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    Super Mario RPG was a great one for it's time. SM64 is hands down the one that defined a gaming generation and set a standard for 3D platform games forever. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is probably #3 on my list. Then Mario Party 1 & 2 were also some of the best local multiplayer experiences ever.

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    I have a lot of fond memories of nearly all of them that I've played (except Mario is Missing - that was one of the only games I returned as a child).

    However, one of the ones I have the most fond memories of was Super Mario Sunshine. I had a ton of fun in that one. Played it recently, and it gave me a nostalgia trip for sure.

    Out of the non-traditional Mario games, Super Mario RPG the best for me, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by the game View Post
    Which Mario game is your favorite? I was always partial to Mario 3 or super mario world.
    Super Mario World.

    Though I did not play any of the 3D mario games. So I may find a new favorite in one of those if I tried them.
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    Easy, Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door. With Paper Mario and Super Paper Mario coming in close second.

    I fucking loved those games, going to play them again at some point.

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    Sunshine for 3D. I loved 64 but Sunshine blew me away and has aged fairly well. I never got into galaxy, something about it just put me off and as a result I never even tried 2.
    For 2D I'd put Super Mario Land 2 for Gameboy as the most fun even though it's not very long. It was quirky and had a lot of unique stuff in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the game View Post
    Which Mario game is your favorite? I was always partial to Mario 3 or super mario world.
    sunshine although i think odyssey is probably peak gameplay wise for 3d marios.

    im not a big fan of 2d marios. they all feel v samey to me and im not big into 2d platformers in general especially ever since that period when every indie developer and their mom was making retro 2d platformers
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    Closely followed by Yoshi's island. And i can see that we have other people of culture here as well! Nice

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