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    Let's not spread WA thing to retail

    I farmed some AVs in Classic wow and Weakauras were required there to help queue as raid.
    I was fine with that but now in 8.3 I have noticed WA is spreading into retail too, even Islands groups require WA to know how many mobs have you pulled already.
    AV farmers require WA and since so many watch AV streams, WA addon is starting to spread into retail too. I don't want to use WA for everything.

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    Sorry to burst your bubble but weakauras exist since forever on retail and always been a huge thing.
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    Crabs have been removed from the game... because if I see another one I’m just going to totally lose it. *sobbing* I’m sorry, I just can’t right now... I just... OK just give me a minute, I’ll be OK..

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    WeakAuras has spread FROM Retail TO Classic. Not the other way around.

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    Weak Auras has been around since late BC, so....
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    You got this backwards.
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    Do you guys not have phones?!

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    Well, whatever. I wasn't familiar with that addon before, but the point is you shouldn't need some specific addon to join groups.

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    It is what it is. But if tomorrow Blizzard said: " No more add-ons! We will give you base UI customization options!" i wouldn't be upset in the least.

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    I don't use it, I don't have a problem joining groups. Not every group wants to hyperstreamline everything, there's plenty of beer-league groups just relaxing and having fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swnem View Post
    It is what it is. But if tomorrow Blizzard said: " No more add-ons! We will give you base UI customization options!" i wouldn't be upset in the least.
    I'd be irritated mostly because we both know they wouldn't give enough of a rat's ass to make a comprehensive RP tool like Total RP, or even a more basic tooltip addon like XRP/MyRolePlay/FlagRSP2.
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    If anyone tells you that you need Addons to play, then they are playing the game wrong.

    Sure there are Addons out there that enhance gameplay in some manner (Such as bag addons making the inventory interface not garbage), but it's never required.

    And if you feel like they are, then I encourage you to take a step back from the game for a moment, think on things, and try it without that addon you cite required. Everything you need to play the game is provided to you by default. The only thing Addons do for it, is either customize the experience, or yell at you in a more noticible format about information being presented. That's it.

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