View Poll Results: What is your preferred gearing system?

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  • Static ilvl. Static stats. No additional systems. Drop RNG only. (Vanilla - Early MoP)

    221 72.22%
  • Titanforging. Static stat weighting. No additional systems. (Late MoP)

    36 11.76%
  • Titanforging. Chance for bonus stats / sockets. No additional systems. (WoD - Legion??)

    18 5.88%
  • Titanforging. Chance for bonus stats / sockets. Random bonus system. (benthic / 8.2)

    5 1.63%
  • "Static" ilvl. Chance for bonus stats / sockets. Random bonus system. (corruption / 8.3)

    26 8.50%
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    MoP Throne of Thunder system

    1 level Titanforging
    No extra sockets/stats
    Reforging system

    Titanforging gives you a reason to replay raids, but getting bis gear is not literally impossible. Im convinced the proc rate was much higher too. Reforging enables to wear otherwise "useless" gear and gives you minor upgrade all the time aka makes you feel you progess your character even if you didn't get what you wanted.

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    I found no such option so I write it here:

    Static ilvl, pre-determined bonus (not random). Sockets are either predetermined or added via a currency (like the Mementos now).

    Only random thing is whether the item drops or not. But there are still interesting equip bonuses for some items.

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    MoP had the perfect system imo.

    Static ilevel +5 or +10 increment chance, with further upgrades using a currency.

    Just that extra chance. Not multiple layers of RNG nonsense that Legion and BfA brought about with Titanforging (ilvl/socket/tertiary).

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    Thanks for this Thread. Blizzard should do Polls like this by themselves to verify the Community Opinion.

    For me the Coruption System is the worst thing in this game in his whole History. It´s extremely broken and unbalanced in so much ways. The RNG is the absolutely opposite of what Players aked for. ( As seen in this Poll )

    For me the Perfect System would be Static gearing System with only 2 steps of TF/WF (5/10 ilvl for example) with can randomly proc on items, but can be upgraded by some kind of tokens, like titanresiduum, valor points or whatever. So you can get your Best Items in best ilvl even if you are unlucky. If you´re lucky so safe some amount of these tokens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReVnX View Post
    I don't understand this situation.

    As we can see in the result of the poll, what we want is absolutely clear and the community has been very vocal about it, but Blizzard keeps implementing these stupid hamster wheel systems
    Mythic+ relevancy.

    Mythic+ doesn't have a carrot (for long) with a static item layout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caprias View Post
    Mythic+ relevancy.

    Mythic+ doesn't have a carrot (for long) with a static item layout.
    But that is because of bad game design from Blizzard side. Titanforging shouldn’t be required to keep M+ relevant. Blizzard just need to rethink their content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prandy View Post
    I'm interested to see what kind of gearing is most popular at the moment. Considering the increasing systems and layers of RNG on gearing now, do people enjoy this, or were the "good ol' days" the best?

    Personally I've disliked the addition of so much RNG on loot, it feels too much like Diablo for my tastes now. I miss BiS lists, and I feel it's ok for you to hit a gear ceiling for a bit until the next round of content comes out.

    However, it's all subjective so let's see what the community thinks.
    What we also need to remember when discussing this topic is the amount of time and resources Blizzard use to create these gear system. I wont even try to guess how much time Blizzard have used on the Azerite system, not only to develope it but also to maintain and fix it.

    With a simple gear system it would free up a lot of resources that Blizzard could use on developing more playable content and increase the quality of this. For me, playable content is more important than gear system as I only see gear as tools. The playable content is the core of why we love and play the game.

    Tl;dr (in my opinion):

    Playable content > Gear systems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaver View Post
    With a simple gear system it would free up a lot of resources that Blizzard could use on developing more playable content and increase the quality of this.
    You mean like the time they freed up by getting rid of class specific tier armour so they could better focus on armour type to create AMAZING SETS?

    …… disclaimer...… Still waiting for said amazing sets..
    Quote Originally Posted by Equim View Post
    I really don't see anything wrong with playing what you enjoy. Be it Frost, Fire, Arcane or Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

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    I'd be fine with the MoP thunder/warforged system where you can get, what was it, 6? extra ilvls on an item. It's a nice bonus but nothing game changing.

    Then again, I also never really super minded the titanforged system we had before. It kinda sucked when some trinkets were so OP you had to farm the same boss for an entire expansion (Hello J'im), but I really didn't mind it so much.

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    Static drops, no gear from m+ at all (only cosmetic and epeen-stuff), tier sets that are 3-5 pieces max, stats reforge option, linear ilev increase depending on difficulty (never will HC > Mythic due to rng) and options to add sockets and enchants to more gear than today (socket-token as drops from instances or something).

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    Before all of these foolforging, having to get the perfect gear was the best part of raiding.

    By adding RNG for everything, they only made the passion about farming fade.

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    The reason literally ANYONE votes for Titanforging is because Corruption's issues is more recent. Titanforging as a system is horrible - it doesn't give interesting choices or interesting effects, it's literally just "do everything more even if you outgear it massively for a miniscule chance at an upgrade".

    Corruption as an idea is the best RNG system - but it should've been a LOT better balanced when it came out. It should've been introduced in 8.2.5 so the worst offenders (Echoing Void being nerfed by a total of 60% for instance) could be smoothed out before the real rush began.
    It gives a way to get interesting items from low level content without them being direct upgrades (in theory, might be achieved now with the EV nerf), without putting too much focus on it with Corruption's negative effects.

    Corruption also means the BiS gear isn't having Corruption on EVERY PIECE - something that wasn't the case with Titanforging. Your BiS is finally back to what it was before MoP again, but you also want the right corruptions, but it doesn't matter where they are, and 3-5 items (with a maxed cloak) with corruption will be enough.
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    I have to agree with some of the people in here. While in my OP I said I prefer static gearing, I don't mind static scaling either to allow it to work with raid difficulties and M+.

    So a static budget with increasing stats for ilvl and no other rolls. Knowing that if I manage the next level of M+ and the item I want drops, it will absolutely be an upgrade over the current version of it I have.

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    Fuck RNG on gear. Titanforging and Corruption are two of the most singular worst mechanics brought into this game.

    The drop is fine. RNG dictating the potential strength of a drop isn't.

    And Corruption is fucking atrocious. It's still the same RNG just with a penalty which nobody asked for. Blizzard just can't learn.

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    i'd like static with reforge and profession sockets/enchants again.

    i liked knowing what i could get from a boss and professions having a point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salystra View Post
    You mean like the time they freed up by getting rid of class specific tier armour so they could better focus on armour type to create AMAZING SETS?

    …… disclaimer...… Still waiting for said amazing sets..
    No that is absolutely not what I meant!

    The gear sets in BFA have been horrible and I believe the explanation Blizzard gave us was just a bad excuse. In my opinion, the removal of tier sets were a combination of M+ and Allied Races. Blizzard had to do something with tier sets to please the M+ crowd that were mad that they had to raid. So the easy (and lazy) solution was of course to just remove them. In relation to class sets (art), I believe a major reason was the allied races. Ion mentioned in a Q&A that the art team have used A LOT of time to create the allied races. Especially the Kul Titan. They probably used the excuse of removing tier sets to free up some time for the art team to create allied races.

    I believe that Blizzard should rethink how they spend their time and resources. For me the Azerite gear creates no value and I know they have spent A LOT of time on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeepBoo View Post
    I've never understood this line of thought. How is it bad?
    It's bad in the way that you don't go do the raid if you have the gear you want from there, for example.
    But whatever, because I don't think attaining full BiS is as easy as people make it sound. I actually don't recall any tier where I managed to be fully BiS. At some point I just let go of "BiS lists" and just enjoyed what I was getting. Is this a good piece? Can I upgrade something I already have? Then I'm happy. I see loot as a bonus for an activity I enjoy, not a purpose in itself. But to each his own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawon View Post
    no gear from m+ at all
    And well, since we're going there, make a list when you create a character and choose the one an only activity to give you loot. They will never interfere with eachother so that you don't have to bother with anything else outside of that activity. For example, if choosing to raid, make sure no loot drops from pvp, quests, dunegeons etc. And make sure that people who DO get loot from those aren't allowed into raids.
    And then of course let's not deal with the RNG of the actual raid, cause luck will be a factor there too and we don't want that. Let the bosses drop currency and buy stuff based on that from a vendor only. Actually, remove gear, cause if we're all gonna gear at the same pace and there will be no rng and no other activites, there is no actual point in gear (make buffs to nerf bosses increase every week, cause that would be the only benefit of gear).

    TLDR: removing gear form an activity just because you don't want to do it applies to all areas. If you don't like M+ and don't want loot form it, some may not want raids and not want loot from them to matter in M+. So let's remove it all!
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    Static ilevel with nothing else added. Change M+ loot to work like Horrific Visions.
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    I would say, static drops, maybe with random tertiary stats. Ilvl adjusted per difficulty (so, mythic+, raid difficulties). Additional bonuses obtainable for currency (akin to ilvl increase in MoP or additional socket buyable in 8.3). I wouldn't mind some additional chance to upgrade (warforge, socket, etc.) for the weekly chest gear, given that the item in there is randomly selected already. It won't let people gear up fully in a reasonable time anyway (one item a week, sixteen slots, if the chest is used exclusively, meaning, is the best way to gear, it would still mean getting to BiS ilvl in 3-4 months, basically, longer than the half the time difference between tiers; it is not viable on its own either way), it is just a nice bonus along the way (if it gives a reasonable item in the first place).

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    -max Warforged (+5 Ilvl) or what it was when it first was introduced
    -Sockets on Chest/Pants/Shoulder Helm with Meta Yada Yada
    -no additional RNG Systems like Corruption rnd Sockets etc
    -Static Stats

    In general the MoP Style without Titanforging, think this was the best gear could be. No real RNG except for the 5 Ilvl (and it was pretty rare), reforging to mix and match what ever you liked and sockets to give you the last push to whatever Cap you where aiming for.

    The whole stupidity of RNG should just go away from Gear.

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    The one that not gives a corrupted item like 8k dps extra.

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