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    It doesn't. The "transcend realities" thing was just Blizzard's attempt to cover for bad writing in WOD (they removed 2/3 of the expansion's story, shoved Archimonde in for blatant fanservice, and used that bullshit explanation to cover it). It made no sense even within the context of the bad writing in WOD, and it makes no sense now. Lately Blizzard has been desperately trying to avoid mentioning they ever said that, so I would take it with a grain of salt. Consider it like the warp 10 episode of Star Trek Voyager.

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    Yeah but if it covers all realities how are there not just a dozen copes of Kil'Jaeden and Archimonde? It can't be because our universe is the only one that had them do that...the Draenei in the AU still ran away from once their AU versions accepted Sargeras' offer they just merged with our universe's versions?

    Assuming Sargeras' offer is accepted in multiple universes wouldn't it need to be accepted at the exact same time not to mess with things? How do demons oversee multiple universes at the exact same time? It's all confusing...

    All time travel does typically is end up creating more questions...

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    Well it's not the alternate universes that are the problem, it's more that they say only one copy of any given character exists in the twisting nether which is very confusing when they don't tell us what happens...we don't know what happens to these alternate demons from alternate they somehow merge into one singular being? Do the others just cease to exist?

    Since the Demons are virtually out of the picture for the time being we may never know...
    i used to have a theory that explains all of this but i think it went something like you said, all versions of a demon become one in the twisting nether, if a mortal becomes a demon, he becomes a demon in every single timeline and the event of him becoming a demon happens aproximatelly at the same time in history in every timeline.

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