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    The songs that get away & VGM

    Hi everyone, if you're reading this and anything like me when it comes to music it's more than just listening. Yeah you can listen to a song and enjoy it but there are some songs that make you feel. I call it hearing instead of listening since you can feel the emotion put into the song and what feeling you take away varies from person to person but a good song in my opinion is one that doesn't need lyrics on it tainting it with modern social dribble. There are but a few artists who are talented enough to really pull it off. 2Pac for example, the Doors, a lot of old artists like Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye are in their own leagues and not comparable. And an odd coincidence that the ones who are really special (not just musicians) the ones who really will make a difference are dead or their careers bombed by lies and social scandals.

    To put it bluntly I like at least one song from any genre you can think of. My comfort zone is hip hop though and as i got older I realised I appreciated the older stuff more. The music before my generation. After speaking to a family member I came to another realisation. I didn't learn to appreciate the classics. I've always like them, it's just now I'm older I couldn't give a toss who knows about it.

    These days I try to find the UG stuff you know? Stuff that when I show someone a song they've never heard it in their life. I am going to post a few here and i wonder how many people have heard these... to be fair masterpieces. I feel comfy saying that. It's like production quality that I'm really pointing towards.

    Anyway I am getting off topic, I'm looking for a song by Martin Landh. It used to be on epidemic sound but has been removed. It's called Gotta get back, and there are 3 versions I believe, there is also another song but I can't remember the name but I will find the name and enquire here.

    Other music that's special to me is video game music. Some of it is just so cool and some i deem masterpieces simply from nostalgia. Make of that what you will I guess that only some are true masterworks so my bias is I believe a conflict of interest.

    So my fellow OG's in our 90's gen we grew up with arguably the best music, best years of creativity in media, films and games. A slightly worse work ethic than the gen before us but still ok and something we can be proud of. Best swagger I mean, our gen is fucking cool as fuck let's be brutally honest.

    Anyway i am going to link a song from a game I recently played followed by a nostalgic one followed by one that has amazing production quality. I'd like to know you're verdict for each song. Marks out of 10 for song 1,2 & 3.

    1. This just has badass written all over it. No need for me to say anymore daydream your fantasies that will never happen to this song.

    2. A masterpiece right? Though very simple I doubt the composer knew how this would still hit people in the feels 20+ years later.

    3. And finally that with production quality, I kind of want to show more than just this one and I might do if this thread becomes very social with a lot of opinions and input.

    There they are, let me know what you think and if you agree or disagree with anything in my post thanks for reading!!!

    Edit: To really hear the 3rd song you need to listen from start to finish no skipping or you will spoil it. And if the Tomb Raider theme makes your eyes water.... THAT'S OK!!!
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