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    Can you "force" a TLPD spawn?

    In Wrath, attempting to complete the achievement "Frostbitten", I discovered that parking a 'toon in each Northrend zone and zapping rares as fast as I could cycle through my 'toons seemed to have the effect of accelerating the spawn rates of the rares throughout Northrend.

    Here's how it looked/felt overall:

    I could simply fly around on one character, seeking rares, killing them as I found them. In fact, I tried this for a while and soon grew bored with what started to feel like a long grind.

    I wondered if Blizz had a system in place that sort of ensured at least some rare would be up somewhere, virtually all the time. If so, I figured, then my job was simply to kill rares as fast as possible in order to keep that random wheel of generation spinning, until eventually each of the rares listed on the achievement were downed.

    Long story short, I ended up going from nearly empty (I had killed a few as I leveled) to a fully completed achievement within something like 2, 2.5 hours. Sure, there were repeats of some rares, but I was never, during the whole time, lacking for a rare to kill. So I decided that I would keep the process up, and of course I'd see far more Vyragosa than TLPD, but I could likely "force" a TLPD, simply by keeping up on the kills and helping keep the Vyra/TLPD random generator in the mix. Sure enough, TLPD popped a short bit later. All told, I completed the achievement and farmed up the TLPD in 6 hours or so ( or got very, very lucky in that same 6 hours).

    I've thought about this off and on over the years, even gone and done things like kill a single mob in a lowbie zone to see how long it resets and then brought my paladin in to kill everything in that same area to see if the spawns come up quicker (think Hogger and gnolls in Elwynn). To me, it does seem there's a relation.

    So I ask you, have you seen this type of in game respawn behavior?

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    yeah some spawns are influenced by kills. this achievement for example https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=...the-corruption killing enough of a certain type of creature to spawn another. not sure whether it works for every mob, especially rares like the TLPD. if you're after that best way honestly is to join the secret finding discord and they do groups for rare spawns. I got mine before they restricted it to parties and not raid groups

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