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    The WoWpedia Scenario Game (Treasure Hunt)

    This was a little fun game that I remember from back in the day on the old forums. I decided to change it up a bit as its been a long time since I had seen it.

    The premise is this:-

    You are going on an adventure, to find an item of treasure, but the task is too dangerous to go alone, You must gather 4 other party members. Armed with your mighty weapon to take down your ultimate foe and find the treasure.


    1. First you need to identify this treasure you are looking for. Using WoWpedia. https://wow.gamepedia.com/Wowpedia navigate the 'Random article' button (found along the left side of the website), keep clicking it until you find an item of power, this item of power can be anything as long as its an item, maybe a type of fish, a weapon or gem (it cannot be a person)

    2. Second is to know where this 'powerful' treasure is hidden, once again using WoWpedia's random article button click until you find a place, a place can be a zone, a subzone within the zone, an instance dungeon or raid or scenario or place in time.

    3. Now you need a weapon, you cannot go out into this world without something to defend yourself surely it may be guarded. use the WoWpedia random article until you find a weapon, item, armor or spell, a weapon can even be any type of item it doesn't need to specifically be an weapon. Weapons cannot be people or animals though.

    4. You cannot go alone, you will need four other members of your party for this hunt. Cycle through WoWpedia's random article button until you find four people of choice, these can be anyone as long as it is living(or undead) maybe even an animal or critter. A party member cannot be a place, weapon, spell or artefact etc.

    5. With your party assembled you hunt your treasure, but you find it is being guarded. This is your boss encounter, use WoWpedia's random article button the same way you did to look for your party (see 4) to find your deadly foe.

    This is your sheet

    Location of Treasure:
    Your Weapon:
    Your Party:
    Your Boss Encounter:

    The result can lead to some comical results, have fun and let's see what you come up with

    Here are my results for some idea.

    Treasure: Plundered Shadow-Infused Blade
    Location of Treasure: Gloomshade Grotto
    Your Weapon: Crone-Seeking Boots
    Your Party: Rask (a character from Night of the Dragon by Richard Knaack), Akinos (A questgiver at the Argent Tournament Grounds), Samuel Van Brunt (Blacksmithing Vendor from Undercity), King Ping (Rare elite Penguin from Howling Fjord)
    Your Boss Encounter: Saeld Brightflare (a battlemaster located in Shatrath's Lower City)

    hmm guess I'll throw my boots at him? Although I do have a good party, not so sure about King Ping though :P
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    Treasure: Purified Shard of the Scale
    Location: Spine of Deathwing, or, if it doesn't count, the Butcher's Rise, Bladespire Citadel.
    Weapon: Bloodsoaked Gauntlets
    Party: Elekk Tender Mesrala (Talador), Witch Lord Morkurk (an ogre, also in Talador), Smokey Sootassle (a grummle q giver in Kun-lai), Elya Codepunch (Mechagnome)
    Boss: Captain Ruysantos, a blood elf rogue, member of the Uncrowned and Legionfall, he is the NPC you go to for the Legionfall paragon chest.

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