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    Horde 452 Fire Mage lf Guild

    Hello All,

    I have played this game since Vanilla with breaks in between. On occasion I have raided with hardcore guilds and had a ton of fun. Since I recently returned I am looking for a home to improve myself as a player and progress with a group. I am looking for a friendly guild that does Heroic or Mythic Raiding as well as M+ Dungeons.

    Sunday- Thursday 9PM EST - 2AM EST

    What you can be expected of me:
    Always on time
    Always prepared with flasks, potions and food
    Always research a fight ahead of time and look into how to play my spec effectively for said fight.
    I am laid back and come with zero drama.

    Level 80 neck and level 12 cloak.

    PM me here if you would like my armory

    Thank you!
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    We're in the market for a fire mage! Can you link your armory? Would be interested in seeing if there's mutual interest!

    <Enrage Kills Only> Horde // Hyjal -- 11/12 M ---- we raid T/Thur/Sun 8-11 PM Pacific Time. We were called Excidiorum a bit ago and are still on logs under that name if you want to check us out. Looking for immediate starting positions. Let me know what you think and if you want to chat.

    Discord: Rummie#1477

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    Guild: <Rägnarok>
    Faction: Horde
    Server: Area52

    Looking for like-minded, Adult, drama free raiders and non-raiders for Shadowlands!
    All raid spots are competitive! Reach out to us for more info! We would love to hear from you! Discord: Fel#6958 Aearo#6958

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