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    Horde 452 Fire Mage lf Guild

    Hello All,

    I have played this game since Vanilla with breaks in between. On occasion I have raided with hardcore guilds and had a ton of fun. Since I recently returned I am looking for a home to improve myself as a player and progress with a group. I am looking for a friendly guild that does Heroic or Mythic Raiding as well as M+ Dungeons.

    Sunday- Thursday 9PM EST - 2AM EST

    What you can be expected of me:
    Always on time
    Always prepared with flasks, potions and food
    Always research a fight ahead of time and look into how to play my spec effectively for said fight.
    I am laid back and come with zero drama.

    Level 80 neck and level 12 cloak.

    PM me here if you would like my armory

    Thank you!
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