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    To be honest, after BfA i'm not too hyped about Shadowlands, a new class would have interested me a lot more.
    I just hope it's good and it gets released in a good state.
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    Since I don't think SL will be any better than BfA... i'm just going to keep entertaining my daughter and playing borderland 3.

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    Just... you know... wait for it?

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    Rejoice. 10chars

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    It was highly unlikely it was going to be ready this year as it was. Now with California more or less being shutdown now I doubt they launch it this year and for our sake I hope they don't.
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    It's not delayed.
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    I would wait and play it when it comes out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Divinex View Post
    I would quit wow forever and play Maplestory for the rest of my life
    Delayed as in beyond Dec 31st? That is quite some time away so I am not really worried.

    Well, to your post I probably should reply with your signature - but no...I probably have another try at Diablo 3. Maybe even buy Doom Eternal? SL will come out when it comes out, even a 3 month delay (March 2020) wouldn't be the end of the world and if the current situation holds on I will have other problems by then - for example no money to pay my rent or food ^^

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    As long as they don't delay public beta, it'd be a good thing.

    BFA should have shown everyone that they need more time for the people that ACTUALLY play the game to test it for them. Developers have enough on their plate, we're more than willing to test the content for them in order to get it right.

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    I would be glad, as then WoW would get better. Maybe they would be even able to write complete story and look at the whole picture before publishing it.
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    we still have like 6 months until our cloaks are maxed out and that is when 8.3 really begins. so a Jan/Feb release of SL would be fine.

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    If Shadowlands gets delayed then I will buy it at later date. It's that simple.

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    Get my ass handed to me by Fogmen in Kenshi until SL releases.

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    No problem for me. I could play this game for years without any new content.

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    filler xpac from washed up game developer... oh no now can i recover from delay

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    Quote Originally Posted by erifwodahs View Post
    it's not like we know when they are releasing it anyway.
    "Before 12/31/2020"

    So I'd assume a delay would be after that date.

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    I'd actually be happy, more time to develop it.
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    Keep playing cyberpunk and absolutely not care

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drusin View Post
    "Before 12/31/2020"

    So I'd assume a delay would be after that date.

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    I am aware of the guidance date, but after W3 R, it does not mean too much for me. I would rather have another Legion of content than a WoD launch hype and then realize that it's an empty bullet.

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    Are there going to be enough people alive in the world to even have a Shadowlands release?
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    Delaying a game that's unfinished would be the right decision.
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