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    I think it enhances the feeling of killing a raid boss and it used to add a lot to the game. However, I've found that I still enjoy killing raid bosses today despite having no investment in the lore of the game anymore.

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    To be honest, I barely have a clue what is going on with the main 'story' characters.

    For example, I have no idea why Wrathion turned into a dragon at for the first boss of the Ny'lotha raid, and then appears to help us through the rest of the raid, and I have no idea why we killed Azshara only to have her held captive in Ny'lotha, free her, and then take tips from her for killing Nzoth?

    As to any lore behind the multitude of tentacles that we are forced to destroy in Ny'lotha, what lore can there be? They are generally just eyeballs on tentacles!~?!

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