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    Quote Originally Posted by sarym13 View Post
    The Worgen hunter pet glitch back in WoTLK. if you dotted a specific wolf and tamed him at just the right moment as it turned into a worgen, you got yourself a Worgen pet.

    Never have I felt so unique in WoW. Constantly getting whispers in city commenting on my pet asking how I got it.
    I was lucky enough to get my own Worgen pet before it became super well known. Had him for a few days before Blizz purged them all.
    Before that you had to be super careful not to zone into BGs and the like or else it would revert back into a wolf.
    Remember all of Howling Fjord was packed with people when it became well known.

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    Back in vanilla I once got my camera completely upside down while my UI stayed straight. I think, I'm not so sure as it was long time ago, that I was able to reproduce it on demand but it didn't last for long and that never happened again after.

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    100% for me it was playing a mage back in WOTLK I believe, maybe TBC, and glitching up the mountains around stormwind/dunmorgh, and going on 'epic' journeys with my slow fall feathers to unplayable parts of the map, finding the airbase in dunmorgh before it was visitable. The world felt so much more epic before flying when you were doing glitches like that. Felt like an adventure travelling over featureless mountains haha, something out of lord of the rings.

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