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    Hell, I just resubbed on live, I'm 4 days from my one month token running out. I unsubbed a month into the expansion so basically I started from scratch. I had to wade through an unbelievable amount of shit. I'm getting revered with Rustbolt tomorrow and also getting the level 3 islands essence so finally starting to see the grind end. My cloak is level 9 so getting there on that too. Got 12/12 Normal last week, 7/12 heroic this week, probably kill N'Zoth next reset if I find the right pug.

    So there are three paths for me to keep progressing on right now:

    1. M+, which is very hard because I'm a tank and it's late in the expansion so everyone expects me to know what I'm doing.
    2. Heroic, which has been easier progression wise than normal (the groups are much much more skilled and patient, and that more than makes up for the rise in difficulty).
    3. Daily quests from last patch that I outgear by 75 item levels.

    One of these things doesn't belong here...

    What's funny is that the more grind they've added, the less I actually stay subbed. To me the grind gets in the way of doing what I love to do. In MOP and WOD I had several geared alts. In Legion I had one char that I played intermittently, and in BFA I unsubbed almost immediately when I saw the grind ahead.
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    It's not supposed to be fun, we are not in 2009. It's supposed to be frustrating and keep you hooked longer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trend View Post
    Cool meme bro. /s

    You post on average less than once a month and that's seriously the best you can do?
    Well, he certainly won't be able to look to you to lead by example, now, will he?

    To the OP: I agree. I've got several characters stuck at level 100 because I can't bear going through all that Legion stuff again.
    Still calling them out, one infraction at a time.

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    Well, he certainly won't be able to look to you to lead by example, now, will he?
    No, he's obviously not capable of that. You are correct.

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    Again, doing the long questlines and achievements on your main, are expected to be long, and take time. But you get what you put in, hard work and time spent, will finally earn you that special class mount or artifact appearance you worked hard for. And that's cool, and it shouldn't be given to the player easily.

    My only point is, if you did these type of quest / achievements on your main, then when doing them on an alt, especially a full expansion later, 2 + years later. They should at least cut the rep needed, or not make mats need BoP, but BoE, I'm not talking crazy give it to me for free, but lose the headache stuff of these questline, or the time gating 2+ years later

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    Yes, Legion was packed with content, and exclusive content for each class too. ENjoy it.

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    It's weird, I'm having more fun going back to run old Legion content, than I am doing current BfA stuff. I have 7 level 120s all geared to like i440 - i450 or so. And I just can't do BfA anymore, so burned out on the expansion. Not a fan of the trolls theme in BfA for the Horde, and Alliance stuff in BfA looks a little better, but it's still ok, not great. I'm just ready to be done with BfA and move on, like I did with WoD, once Legion came out I never went back to WoD stuff except maybe Hellfire for transmog runs.

    I found Legion one of the top expansions, since Wrath, so much cool stuff they brought to WoW. Class Halls, special mounts, artifact weapon appearances. And the theme of Legion was pretty cool overall. And I like Faction shared cities. So yeah I'm happy to hang in Legion again.

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    I didn't find the Nightfallen stuff too bad, but my god, the Balance of Power questline is absolutely ridiculous

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    If I could nerf one thing it'd be removing the requirement of the broken shore questline for the class mount.
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    So this is how far the Lore forum has fallen? Eesh.
    I take it back, BfA is not the lowest the games lore could have gone, this thread proves that.
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    And just like the thread before it, let's back away from sexualizing Azshara and return to the original topic at hand.

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    I got the class mount on 3 characters two weeks ago and tbh it wasn't that much of a chore. I got it done rather quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazuli View Post
    In WoW everything must be a tedious mindless grind even old content because there is actually very little substance to the content.
    1. If they base things on actual skill, then players will beg and whine nonstop for nerfs.

    example: if they weighted m+ such that keys completed in time on the easiest weeks counted less, and keys completed on weeks with the hardest affixes counted more, that would be a skill test. But then players would scream, cry, stomp their feet, and say its too hard please nerf it.

    2. If they base things on a timesink, players will beg and whine nonstop for nerfs.

    example: old legion class hall stuff

    3. If they nerf everything to make it easy for casuals to do, you get Warlords of Draenor, and everyone mass quits because after 5 minutes of curbstomping the game, they decide WoW is for kiddies, too easy and boring, and they play another game entirely.

    4. Currently they've settled on throwing LOADS of content at people that are easy to do if you figure out 2348923648364 mechanics. So you have to do a lot of reading / simming / testing but it actually is easy.

    example: horrific visions, gearing BiS when factoring in gems, enchants, trinket effects, corruption, etc.
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    I want the ruins of K'aresh for 9.0 as I envision it as Netherstorm on steroids. A broken, shattered world. Eco-domes are stuck on various chunks to protect flora & fauna. I imagine a K'aresh ocean & maybe some islands contained in an eco dome or a snow-capped peak with some jungle valleys in another. Flesh version of Ethereals that never got altered. Space platforms as in Starcraft. Just a totally fantastic tileset & theme that I'd be very keen to explore. They could do some wild things.

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    I went into Mage Class Hall again today... Man it's awesome!

    Miss Legion <3
    Horde bad, smash monkey. Who is a good monkey? You are!

    Let loot be loot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luciano View Post
    You'd think that. But the game is run by a lawyer, so expect things to be pointlessly difficult long after the need for difficulty has passed.
    Oh this BS again. First of all, Ion does not run the game. It is run by a TEAM of developers. Second, there is no difficulty to it at all. There is just tediousness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazuli View Post
    In WoW everything must be a tedious mindless grind even old content because there is actually very little substance to the content.
    And any attempt to make it anything less than a tedious, boring slog is met by a bunch of whiny idiots who's identity is seemingly entirely defined by having done that tedious, boring content when it was current (and hence significantly less of a hassle).

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    It always was, which is why i didnt do it...

    i absolute HATE time gated content... i would rather grind at my own pace instead of waiting around...

    - - - Updated - - -

    Legion is a terrible expac. "alot to do" yeah.. in short bursts... you either finish the content fast, or it is time gated so you can only do so much a day. leaving me sitting around with my thumb up my ass waiting for the next day to play... and I refuse to run dungeons more then 10 times a day for gear with how they are structured.. i hate the fast pace romp of the dungeons then doing them again, over and over... I like vanilla's dungeons because even though they took forever, i only did them 1-2 times a day, or just simply once. so i didnt burn out of them that fast.

    The speed of the content is another thing i have issue with BFA too. warfront and island are fast romps that you do over, and over, and over, untill im slamming my head through a glass window and hopes it puts me in the hospital so i dont have to play anymore. (which is also why i quit playing those int he first place) Then ont he other hand, you have war campaign, which was not only boring as hell 80% of the time, but it was time gated so i couldnt even do it at my own pace, i was left waiting.... "Yeah but its all unlocked now so you can do it all at once" NO i still have to wait. because to unlock some of the quests, requires rep gain, which is waiting game on the WQ that pop up.

    I cant even rep grind because of the TERRIBLE WQ system... WQ themselves are not bad, but the fact that they are the ONLY source of rep for all but 1 faction, and that its basically RNG on the quests you could do per day.. AND they give LESS rep then dailies would have.. it is a TERRIBLE system... What they need to do is bring back the rep system from BC and mists, where each faction had multiple ways to gain rep that you could continuously grind for if you didnt want to wait for dailies. That way i could do it at my own pace and it would give me something to do other then wait around.

    The game would be ALOT better if they added systems that allowed you to continue playing with that system to earn rewards, as a long term investment.

    The mount quest for the white moose in legion was actually good. i loved it... but it was to short.. i did it all in a day..
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    Allied Race Requirements No Longer Require Exalted in Shadowlands

    I guess many will like this.
    Horde bad, smash monkey. Who is a good monkey? You are!

    Let loot be loot.

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    I resubbed when 8.1 hit after quitting back in MoP, I ran legion endgame content while leveling in BFA, it's timegated for sure, but you'll get there in a few weeks.
    It may be a chore to get, but I'd also not necessary and easy to do, consider this as refreshing breeze, away from bfa endgame.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Doffen View Post
    I went into Mage Class Hall again today... Man it's awesome!

    Miss Legion <3
    I hate alts, but I use free class trials to discover them all at least once.
    I did not play during legion but I admit class halls and spec legendary questlines must have felt great at the time.
    Blood DK. I hate leveling alts.
    BfA is great. I love HoA.
    Unpopular opinions ftw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zorachus View Post
    Few questions and comments please. First off, I pre-ordered Shadowlands couple weeks ago, and got the 120 boost, which I used on a brand new Hunter, a class I haven't played yet.

    Got my Hunter geared up ok, to i450, and necklace to 78 and good essences, and then I wanted to do the class specific Hunter stuff from Legion, I like the mount they get, and some of the MM bows from the artifact appearances are really unique, especially the Balance of Power bows.

    But holy cow, what a freaking time sink, I had no idea I had to practically play Legion all over again, and do like 500+ quests. And revered rep needed with old factions in Legion, and needing mats that are BoP, etc...I thought they'd lessen some of these requirements after a new expansion came out?

    I got my Hunter class mount yesterday, and really like it, but it was a chore to get it, just time consuming, but not hard or anything. But going for that cool 3rd row artifact appearance, Phoenix's Rebirth, oh boy, now that looks like a huge time sink to do. From what I'm reading I need to be revered with 2 Legion Factions, and then also run a crap ton of quests, for the Balance of Power to unlock the first tint. Is there a shortcut or any tokens that make getting rep faster?
    Just so you know.. none of those perks are in any way essential to your class and gameplay at the current content. So it is all your choice to grind if you want.. too much time sink? Don't do it..

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