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    There goes my hope this game would become fun again. Only classes that look interesting are shamans and DKs (maybe mistweavers). Everything else seems Meh. If this was their big reveal for abilities, they missed their mark.
    1. Why is druid's Cyclone coming back? Revert that.
    2. DK, only class getting FUN back into their kits.
    3. Survival hunters with Kill Shot? Rotationally the same class? Boring. Volley will be cd based?
    4. Alter Time coming back is good, everything else is just meh.
    5. Monks getting ToD back... cool. Clash coming back is great. Nothing overly horrible to report.
    6. Holy power is HORRIBLE, Blizzard, get it through your head.
    7. Priest weaknesses are still there. CoH won't make holy better for M+. Shadow still needs to ramp up - still bad in M+.
    8. Rogues, great, poisons again. Now we can watch Priest and Shamans struggle more in pvp.
    9. Shamans seem to be actually getting good stuff.... bravo, only took 15 1/2 years.
    10. Warlocks, rise of affliction again? Cooooooool, more boring dot stuff likely without spell effects.
    11. Warriors, still no stances. Fury: "Fervor of Battle is a new Talent, where the Warrior loses themselves to their bloodthirst during Whirlwind and also Slams their primary target and gains additional Rage." Nothing says fun like passives that already exist for ARMS...

    Who cares about DH, let them be rock bottom this expansion.

    Really disappointed with what Blizzard is doing. Seems like Shadowlands will have a poor story and gameplay similar to WoD. Looking like it's going to rank between WoD and BFA.
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    Still no corpse legit explosion, and the other fun spell I used to try and use to copy an enemy mob/boss spell is PVP. Still missing the fun in DK for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baroclinic View Post
    Still no corpse legit explosion, and the other fun spell I used to try and use to copy an enemy mob/boss spell is PVP. Still missing the fun in DK for me.
    Also, how about some bloodworms as baseline spell for BDK? Always hated them being a rogue, because they interfered on re-stealth, but always considered them very cute stylistic addition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalarm View Post
    Erm they weren't? The rotation was made of Stormstrike, lava lash, frost (earth pre-WoD) and flame shock, unleash element and finally lightning bolt and chain lightning. Only LB (for ST) and CL (for AoE) needed maelstrom for instant cast. If you were in PVP you would usually use maelstrom to cast healing wave but that's about it. Some raids I've casted healing rains too. Totems also did not need any maelstrom.

    It was far from having a bar filled with things you can't cast. That was part of the fun of it. Hell if you had 4 charges and nothing to press it was actually better to cast LB then wait. If you had a phase in the fight where you can't get close to the boss, you could still throw weaker LB and CL from far + your shocks. If anything the current enh is more limiting, there is a lot more stuff that required maelstrom.
    This is a perfect example of how you can't please everyone. I, personally, didn't enjoy the Maelstrom Weapon mechanic but it's clear that others do. That's fine. I enjoy playing melee classes and that iteration of Enhancement Shaman felt very hybrid like a battle mage to me. It's just an alt for me that I rarely play so I'll probably skip that one next expansion and try out something new.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stickiler View Post
    And I just know it's going to end up the optimal rotation, and I'm going to have to shelve my favourite spec for a whole expansion again. I'd been enjoying playing it since they removed 2H frost in Legion.
    And I completely lost interest in my favourite spec in WoD when they made 2H in effect obsolete. See how it goes?

    I am hoping they will manage to copy the MOP balance that while not perfect, both 2H and DW had their advantages and disadvantages (2H higher burst and single target dmg, playing slower, while DW had slightly higher AoE and overall dps and played faster) and unless you were min-maxing to the extreme, you could go with either and be fine

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