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    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    you mean this mode they removed from game because it failed and next to nobody was using it ?


    ye shadowlands will be such a success ^^
    Ah yes, they never get it wrong, and they're never removed anything good before.

    The only reason Mythic is still in game is because of loot that Challenge mode just didn't offer, and WOD kind of killed most aspects of the game going forward.

    Ridiculous comment to make.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodykiller86 View Post
    thats the dumbest thing ive heard yet lol
    You like them? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by otaXephon View Post
    Understandable. Ironically, I used to exclusively raid and now all I tend to do is M+ so I'm looking at this from a slightly different perspective. (Though from past conversations I know you and I are on the same page about ML.) I'm still cautiously optimistic that Blizzard understands not everybody likes to do all content so hopefully there aren't too many situations where it feels like you have to do content you don't enjoy to get a reward relevant to the content you do enjoy.
    You're absolutely right. My only real point was that from 2013-2017, I was fully subbed and running a guild, thus creating subs for BLizz. Now I won't EVER touch that with a 10 foot pole because Blizz has made it that much difficult for guilds to survive. All for the sake of promoting 5 man and solo content.

    That's their prerogative. Mine is to enjoy the content I like, which has so many obstacles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freeasacar View Post
    Just once I'd like an interviewer to ask him the question that I've been wondering about for years which is why dual-wielders are constantly treated like second-class players by needing double the weapon drops of 2H users and why 19% of their auto-attacks have to miss when their weapon damage could've been reduced and the miss chance removed years ago. Just have 2 weapons drop for dual-wielders every time they get a weapon drop. It's so simple.
    I understand the sentiment, but technically there are quite a few who need multiple drops for those bottom center slots. Tanks need sword and board. Hunters used to have ranged, melee, and was it a quiver slot? been too many years. Casters at one point had a main hand, off hand, and wand slots to fill. Are all things like daggers normalized now? Used to be you put a slow one in one hand and a fast one in the other and have a ranged slot as well.

    To be honest, I find it a little sad that 99% of the time, casters just use staves now, and that is it. I can't remember the last time I saw a wand or someone use one, maybe WotLK. MH+OH with enchants would usually beat the staff in stats most of the time, allowed more flexibility/gearing options pre-reforging as well for soft caps.

    As another said, you are ignoring dual weild 2h fury warriors; what about transmog? or just wanting the visual style of two different weapons?

    Question, the rogue legendaries (Cata?) ... they came as a pair right? not like the warglaives from the naaru slayer you had to pray for all the rngs to be on your side.

    I don't think there is a great solution that would fit and be fair for all the specs. If you gave ones that can equip a 2h in both slots and extra slot to fill, well, what if they don't use a 2h? Say a warlock using mh oh instead of a staff? Do they still get the extra slot or are you creating some weird situation that a 2h has technically 3rd slot, but it has to be either inactive if you don't have a 2h equipped, which would sort of make the mh or oh act as if it was a 2 slot choice.

    As to the 19% miss, I always thought that whole system was a bit silly. Ok, miss if you didn't train the weapon skill (back in the day), or when things are enough levels above you, but a base auto on bosses missing 1/5 of the time? Stupid. Imaging swinging daggers in each hand standing on top of anything else, but you miss it that much, even worse, think of a fury warrior swinging around two human sized sledgehammers next to the broad side of a barn and still not hitting the damn thing a good portion of the time.

    So, if you have say, two daggers drop for a rogue each time, how are you going to deal with mainhand offhand users? I can't count how many times in the past 12+ years I've had one or the other and kept a staff equipped I didn't want to because of it. From leveling to end game, it was annoying, but never enough I thought I needed a handout about it, just let something f'n drop, like say the heart from LK in the ICC dungeon.

    Here is the solution I prefer though, and it is something from the past. Emblem/Badge vendors; valor/justice/etc. It used to be the perfect stop gap for gearing. They may not have had exactly what you wanted, but if you just couldn't get that slot to drop, you at least had a tier relevant item you could buy if you had to. I loved it to some extent as it provided some flexibility and choice. Usually that vendor piece had a different secondary on it than the drops you'd find in that tier. You could work with your team and figure out how to get everyone's gear up faster with what drops, who needs what, and what was at the vendor; 'nah, let them have it, crit is my worst stat, the piece at the vendor has haste, which is weighted higher than my primary stat (isn't that current balance druid?).

    Idk, tired and rambling, ran out of my sleeping medicine so in a sleepless daze
    My PC Build 4790k @ 4.7 GHz @ 1.28v; 1080 @ +175 core, +500 memory

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sencha View Post
    You like them? lol
    world quests are fine and still better than regular dailies and the mission table is inconsequential and doesnt matter. Not playing due to those 2 things is idiotic

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    A good chunk of corporate speak as usual from Ion once again. Trying to hold optimism but with how badly BFA tanked for me, it's rather hard. I still honestly want the option to grind out all reps in one sitting again over waiting for when world quests show up on the randomize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodykiller86 View Post
    world quests are fine and still better than regular dailies and the mission table is inconsequential and doesnt matter. Not playing due to those 2 things is idiotic
    World quests are fine?? omg that's the most retarded content ever created and they are mandatory if you want to progress fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sencha View Post
    World quests are fine?? omg that's the most retarded content ever created and they are mandatory if you want to progress fast.
    they are fine lol theyre basically dailies 2.0. Ive been playing since vanilla and dailies were always kind of annoying. I enjoyed the world quests more in legion though so hopefully they add more variety and small fun quests to do instead of just kill quests and ill be happy. I love the puzzle ones

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