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    Male Nelf, as ive been since MoP, really helpful to shadowmeld when needing to drops stacks in M+ or if OT dosnt taunt i just "meld" boss to him.
    And my current transmog fits nicely.
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    I pretty much only play orc/human due to their strong racials in pvp.

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    Highmountain Tauren DK look amazing as DK, just so damn big and intimidating, especially wearing the base DK set with the new swords they give you when you start on an Allied Race.

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    Draenei /10chars

    - - - Updated - - -

    female, obsly

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    Zandalari look great in everything
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    I have a Panda male Horde DK and a Void Elf female DK. I don't play the Horde one that much but I do play my Ally one. I like the hairstyles on my void elf. And I am getting Shadowmourne and the Void Edge illusion from the Horrific Visions (hopefully soon) so they can go well with my wings from my heritage armor .

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    Tauren female because nothing is more terrifying than a huge hunkering cow that looks absolutely furious with glowing blue eyes.

    Also they get a blue mane as an option.

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    Made my Dk on May 24th, 2011.

    Was a male troll up until BRF when I decided that blood elf racial and aesthetic was just better (also wasn't a fan of the new male troll models compared to the old ones face wise). Then went Draenei male for shits (lol) then went back. Was a blood elf until BFA and unlocking of Zandalari. Taking a break though as while off-topic BFA is just terrible.

    In my honest opinion Zandalari, Blood Elves and Worgen look the best as Dks (especially with the Dreadnaught set).

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    orc female looks best in plate, absolutely no competition whatsoever.

    I made like 30 dks since their introduction in wotlk with about 5 as mains.

    i might try kul tiran, though, they are huge and might look good in armor as well, not sure about their dad pot, but that might add some comedy flavor, which is just extra spice to the game.

    void elf female might work too, at least blood elf female worked, you can explain her lifting 2handers and wearing plate armor as thin elf, because she uses her unholy strenght.

    Problem is, orc female just looks better in plate and typically has the better racials as well, but not sure how much this matters as dks have some ways out of stuns, and the 1% pet dmg is nothing at all.

    So, orc or kul tiran, depends on faction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WFD1992 View Post
    Note that this can be for any reason.
    Just don't ask.

    (Because I like leper gnomes, leper DK gnome=master of diseases. Got it?)

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    The opposite of the light is the void?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Susanoo View Post
    Forsaken DK, I feel that they are a very interesting lore race/class combo. Either your a forsaken who died, got freed, and died again and was raised with more power this time or a person who died, raised as a dk, ended up decomposing more and found themselves more aligned with Lordaeron and the forsaken and not Stormwind humans. You could also be a DK who is spying on Slyvannas (well not anymore) for the Ebon Blade. I also feel that the forsaken racials fit with the DK lore. Touch of the grave, cannibalise, will of the forsaken, and permanent underwater breathing.
    As much as I love Forsaken melee characters, I was never a fan of the "Double Dead" thing.
    Quote Originally Posted by bizzy View Post
    yeh but lava is just very hot water

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    Goblin Female DK. I am an engineer too, so along with rocket jump the lack of mobility doesn't hurt so much. Fuck class fantasy!

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    Dwarf. I made one a while back and it was fun. He looked pretty bad-ass, and the dwarven accent with the DK reverb sounded great.

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    Worgen look so great dude, they look so fierce. The only thing that's been missing for me is a fully white mane worgen to go with the theme, and we are getting that soon so it's just amazing. Would fully recommend them.

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    Undead male for me. I really love the 2H carry and swing animations, like the weapon was almost too heavy to lift. Not much fun with 1H so I'm looking forward for Shadowlands in that matter. I used to /yell FIGHT FOR METAL! and start /dance at the beginning of bgs.

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    Blood Elves and Humans. Thematicly they seem the best fit for it.

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    Worgen. Just imagine this scenario:
    Lone human sits near a campire with his eyes closed. A group of orcs come and decide to have some fun with him. The human opens his eyes. They glow bright blue. The orcs are like: "Oh shit this human is a death knight." To which he replies: "Oh no no no, I'm much more than that" And turns into a giant fucking wolf monster.

    Or a pink haired gnome chick to humiliate your enemies even further. Either works.

    Ahhh or void elf. "No I don't drink blood" Also them as Blood DK "I will spam AoE blood magic and join the Venthyr covenant MUHAHAHAHA"

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