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    I like playing Knight. I like playing Humans. I love the Alliance. And back when I rolled mine, Paladins were tied with Druids for the most restricted class - just 2 races each.
    Meanwhile, back on Azeroth, the overwhelming majority of the orcs languished in internment camps. One Orc had a dream. A dream to reunite the disparate souls trapped under the lock and key of the Alliance. So he raided the internment camps, freeing those orcs that he could, and reached out to a downtrodden tribe of trolls to aid him in rebuilding a Horde where orcs could live free of the humans who defeated them so long ago. That orc's name was... Rend.

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    I like the playstyle. It's pretty straightforward. Powerful direct damage, few buttons and good survival.

    It's kinda like that scene from that Indiana Jones movie where he just shot the guy doing sword tricks. It always feels good to kill your opponent with a few well placed abilities while they're prancing around like fools, trying to do "skill" things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyris Flare View Post
    Inertia mostly, ret is rarely the best spec at anything and prot is rarely the best tank.

    (holy is the best healer with some regularity)
    Even if holy paladins aren't the best, you still need at least one for the beacons. Job security at it's finest.

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    Yeah and aura mastery, which still has no effective equivalent in power (raid DR with no stacking requirements)

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    I just like the fantasy and the gear sets look awesome to me.

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    I play my Paladin since Classic but ever since they changed the class to this "throw your shield around and be a warrior monk" fantasy I struggle to main it. I much prefer the overall feel / lore of the old days To me Paladins are about discipline and military order and not this Marvel inspired crusader thingy.

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    It is the class i think is the most fun class to play, and i lost interest in the class i played before that which was dk

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    I mained paladin, cuz I thought them to be cool powerful jedis of Warcraft
    they turned out to be gay fashion models =(
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    The Maw is China
    The Jailer is China government
    Sylvanas is Blizz

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    Quote Originally Posted by iosdeveloper View Post
    I mained paladin, cuz I thought them to be cool powerful jedis of Warcraft
    they turned out to be gay fashion models =(
    Gay fashion models? Sign me up!

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    I blame Zalgradis for my choice of class. On the other hand, I love my paladin. She's great and have just enough of everything to fit my playstyle. A bit of healing, burst, survival, utility and more. Love the hybrid feel of prot and ret, not played holy since early TBC so can't say anything about that spec.

    I have some 400 days worth of playtime on her. I pretty much only play paladin every. Have usually one alt per expansion on whom I might spend about 5-10% of my playtime maybe?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iem View Post
    Man even if Blizzard gave players bars of gold, they would complain that they were too heavy.

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    Damn, i started a paladin because of this video back in the days.
    It's high noon.
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    I've played as paladin since Diablo II; I have a protection paladin or "close-enough" equivalent in quite a few games, so...
    Addiction, I suppose.

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    I don't main one but I do have an alt.

    Basically because I want to play a melee that uses a 2hander, is good at solo pvp, and doesn't have a stupid debuff mechanic that requires you to keep your eye on a debuff on the target the entire fight. So basically that disqualified arms warriors and unholy dks.

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    ....Yeah that's it. I wanted to play the most durable class the game could provide. And paladin was like 'yo I look good and I got a safety net'. Sold.
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    Since TBC.

    Changed at one point to a hunter because of a WiMax connection.

    Afterwards went back to pala in MoP cuz Cata pala was so much fun at the end. Holy. Been one ever since with BoD as the only exception. Was a mw monk for that tier.

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    I've mained Paladin since my very first character, started playing in March 2005 (on EU).

    Initially I wanted a melee fighter that could heal, but I quickly feel in love the concept and the lore of the Paladin class, and that is why I continue to main Paladin to this day.

    I have also played as Prot since around the time of the BWL, and loved the spec ever since.

    Very different play style now from those early days, but I'm still with it because I love the lore and the feel!
    (Definitely in the #BringBackSeals camp thou!)

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    Because I like to play a Shockadin.
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    I've loved Knights since I was a wee lad.

    I really like the older lore behind the Light and the formation of the Paladins. (a bit sad with some of the newer developments but oh well).

    Although Paladins, and in particular Retribution struggle with a somewhat inconsistent reputation, I think they reward players with good situational awareness.

    Now, you can claim that about any class or spec, but I'd argue that Paladins are one of the most potent "fixers" out there. They are fantastic for carrying newer or less-skilled players and teaching them the ropes, and at higher end play you can utilize their kit to "cheese" and empower your highest dps to great benefit.

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    Because they look awesome?

    Just found this picture today, I want this armor...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gehco View Post
    Because I like to play a Shockadin.
    I'll only play TBC Classic if I can be that again...

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