Looking for Guild that still wants to progress and go in strong into Shadowlands.
I am looking to push myself to 12/12M and be a 4k min IO player.

My main is a 475 Ret Paladin that i have been raiding on since Wrath on and off.
I have a 465 Destro Lock, 465 Resto Shaman, 470 Mage (no bracers/font) that i am willing to switch to for current tier progression.

I would prefer a guild that is already 6/12M minimum. Raid times anytime after 7 EST to 12 EST.

I am a dedicated raider who will show up to raid. I do my own class and raid research and i want to push myself to be a higher tier class of player rather than the middle of the pack ive always been.

You can add me on Battle.net Prophetnoata#1329 or leave a message here.

Thank you for your time.