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    Yeah lets go back to Wc3 where the orcs certainly didn't break the blood curse or help save the world.
    At least it felt earned... there were consequences it felt fantastical but it made sense... ffs the horde hand wave away the whole forsaken faction beyond 2 people....

    Don't even get me started in their desperate attempt to save the night warrior as she repeatedly promises she will butcher them once anduin not looking...

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    Quote Originally Posted by StationaryHawk View Post
    I'm curious to know which characters you're considering as "not part of the Horde."
    Calia and Valeera, for starters.
    Quote Originally Posted by Super Dickmann View Post
    The Jailer's first ever appearance involved chucking him [Baine] off a cliff for being too shit to even qualify as a Maw trash mob.

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    Totally agree, Thrall lost his balls at the beginning of Legion leaving us alone to fight the greatest threat Azeroth had, Baine never had balls, Trolls only background noise and meme kid, goblins nothing but a joke race just like pandaren and vulperas, Lorthemar an opportunistic prick who gets Sylvanas aid to join the horde only to analyze later leaving for the alliance, then speak well of Sylvanas during the heritage armor quest and later be ok with Tyrande killing her, just a bunch of traitorous cowards.

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    The Horde has been irreparably damaged by repeated villain batting. Nothing, no amount or writing, can help it now. They've even planted seeds for villain-batting the Horde in the expansion after SL, with Gey'arah wanting to kill all Draenei.
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