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    Simple decisdion on instance entry for party leader: run it at original level, or have you scaled down to match it (timewalking-style). Done.
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    Dunno why some people got such a boner to be just a lowly peon-adventurer.

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    True true. But there's always a risk that if something is available at all times that it loses its novelty. Maybe it could be on a monthly expansion rotation? This month TBC, next month Wrath, etc. That way it still preserves the hype, but is up for long enough to do as much or as little as you choose without feeling pressured.
    The problem with rotations dictated by Blizzard is people have lives and vacations and kids and other things they plan around, I don't think Blizzard should be a part of that decision making and neither should anyone else lol.

    Limiting players artificially like that is the same thing as time gating and it is anti-player and anti-consumer. The current time walking suffers from this as well to some degree.
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    You can still buy the mounts with badges. As for the cosmetics I said recolored!!I dont mind using badges at all for main currecny and be able to buy the stuff i mentioned with badges. it is just a cool idea .Right now timewalking is useless and boring and the majority of ppl cba it. So there is no point to keep it as it is
    Source? Or are you one of those individuals who just assumes the majority agree with them, without any proof?

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