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    Quote Originally Posted by Hinastorm View Post
    Well you're talking about housing, I was talking about T-mog, maybe I wasn't clear on that.

    I stand by my point that the amount of grown men interested in playing dressup with their characters is super surprising to me. But like I said, while I find it odd, I don't have have a problem with it.
    Regardless of male or female, it’s safe to assume most people like to make their character look a certain way. That is kind of supported by the fact that most players you come across have their characters xmog’d. A lot of games are now also giving xmog options, even in solo experience.
    Being a male doesn’t mean you have to accept your character looking like a mismatched clown due to gear drop design.

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    Garrison was an attempt at player housing, they failed, hopefully will never try again..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inoculate View Post
    Imagine thinking the world revolved around you
    Yep, sounds exactly like OP.
    On a more serious note I'm 100% sure housing isn't a very popular idea, otherwise it would already had been introduced.

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    I am not really fond of housing. FF14 has it. And it is weird.
    Those cities that are suddenly there but nowhere else visible.

    Houses look weird most of the time.

    I hope they never implement it. Takes away way too many ressources.
    Also: The moment you implement... say Stormwind housing: You can NEVER "do" anything to that city anymore. Like Daranassus and Undercity.
    It just makes one of the most important hubs completly static.

    I rather they use the developmetn time for a new class race and whatnot.

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    Despite many blizzard bootlickers saying otherwise, it is truly pathetic that there's still no player housing system. It's such an obvious missing feature to implement, if you'd have told me in vanilla, that 15 years later, player housing STILL WOULDN'T EXIST, I'd genuinely laugh in your face. It's just sad. It's something that could EASILY tie all existing content and make it relevant again, by adding various furnishing items to old content, boss trophies, etc, hell, you could even introduce new gathering and crafting professions - carpenter and woodcutting, that'd focus on furnishing and housing exterior/interior, of course, other professions would get a bunch of smaller furnishing items as well.
    People with zero imagination or zero idea how to have fun in a video game keeps telling how useless this feature is, but the fact is, you could argue that transmog is "useless" as well, but here we are, we now have a pretty big chunk of playerbase who only still keeps being subscribed to play dress up with their characters. Games like FFXIV and ESO has housing systems that became a an important part of the game for many people, hell, there's dedicated virtual interior designers that people actually pay for to have their homes renovated. There's many communities dedicated to it, similarly how there are for m+, raiding, transmog, collecting and other parts of the game. I personally would gladly sacrifice a raid tier or two (let's be honest here, if this SMALL INDIE COMPANY wanted to add this feature into the game, they wouldn't need to sacrifice crap, so stop treating blizzard like one) just to finally have this system in the game.
    You don't like player housing? Well good for you, but can you, for once, shut the hell up and stop opposing things a large portion of playerbase wants? Nobody is forcing you to EVER use that feature. If that wasn't the case that it is a WANTED feature, people would have shut the hell up about housing ages ago. People who throw temper tantrums over content not relevant to them is the lowest common denominator. Imagine if people who don't raid would whine about addition of new raids, or people who don't pvp would whine about it existing. Grow the hell up.

    And before any more garrison mouthbreathers show up - if you think you can even compare garrison to a housing system that is done half decently, you're simply not the brightest tool in the shed. Garrisons had ZERO customization, only ability to swap building positions around SLIGHTLY, change banners, guards and music. That's it. It's not housing. It's an instanced crafting bench and mission table location. That's all there was to it. "Waste of resources" crowd need to shut the hell up as well, it's not up to you to decide where resources are wasted and where they're not, it's up to players who participate in that content.
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    SWTOR did housing as second datadisk if I remember correctly. And it is fucking garbage! Collecting useless crap. Good thing blizz never did housing - it is waste of resources.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cierah View Post
    Some of the things that it can provide:
    - A place where you can show off collections of weapons/armor/pets/mounts
    I'm curious why this one sounds appealing. I mean, transmog I understand because pretty much everything you do in game involves your character so choosing a particular appearance for them makes sense. Showing off a static armor collection, though? If I want to see armor sets I can pop open the collections tab and see every single set available (with a couple exceptions).

    I do like collecting things, but that's what the achievement and collections tabs are for. Taking those things and using them to customize a "living space" just doesn't sound like fun to me.

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    Look what the garrisons was going to be when they announce it ... "you can have your garrison anywhere in draenor" and that changed to one spot.

    If you want housing, then why not just go and play the sims

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    Because we dont need them, i mean really, we really dont need them...

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    OP, be honest.
    You just want an area of privacy to f*ck bananas in, don't you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by munkeyinorbit View Post
    It can be argued easily that by not doing housing blizzard saved wow. Almost all mmo that have had housing has failed. Wow doesn't have it and continues to dominate. The expansion that wow did housing+ was it's worst failure. They even marketed 6.1 as a major patch and we lost a whole raid tier. Blizzard learned very quickly that housing is a waste of resources. Who cares what reason they gave. The players hated it and it's never coming back.
    I think that's because most mmos fail. Like almost all mmos that had a mail system failed. Honestly, can't think of a single MMO that failed because it had housing (they are many other reasons).

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    Would be cool, doesn't Garrisons count at all though?

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    The only way housing would work is if we could get loot out of it. And I mean, we, not just you and your house. Something like a raid/dungeon that's set on your house "transmog" and everyone can join to kill some themed bosses.
    Or having vendors for some cool stuff (gear, mounts, cosmetics) that show up in some player houses randomly so you have to actively ask to get invited to someone else's house.

    Anyway, have you seen how "rigid" the world is? Like in order to change some terrain (like destroying a bridge) you have to phase your character in and out, or even hair in characters, it does not follow physics and it's just wigs on for bald models. It would take ages for Blizzard to implement stuff that you can place and move at your will without heavily changing the graphics engine.

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    well first of all, housing would be a great add to the game farming :

    furniture on old and new boss to farm
    recipe for each craft , you could sell your housing creation on ah, etc..

    blizzard dont do it because they are just lazy who love to drown themself in your cash without effort

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaintk View Post
    well first of all, housing would be a great add to the game farming :

    furniture on old and new boss to farm
    recipe for each craft , you could sell your housing creation on ah, etc..

    blizzard dont do it because they are just lazy who love to drown themself in your cash without effort
    It sounds great on paper, but I'm not sure it can be done properly in this aging engine. It would definitely look like something garrisons looked like; pre-placed empty plots you can put something on, in personal or guild based instances you might be able to invite people in.

    Blizzard has definitely created a lot of art assets for every race so far, that it probably wouldn't be too difficult to just convert them into something you can buy/farm and place in your garrison/house, but I feel it would still look rather bleak, because, again, pre-placed plots. It would be something, I suppose, but meh...
    Quote Originally Posted by Ransath View Post
    Money laundering, especially prior to his election? I couldn't give a flying fuck.

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    Because they will save that feature when wow has run its course. Some might say it already has, but they aint there yet. When the game is truly dying off, housing will be put in. With that there will be a huge shop feature where you can buy most(all) stuff needed to pimp out your house for real money.

    With it, they can even remove the sub fee. With a up and running cash shop for mounts, pets, boosts, gold and housing features they dont need the sub anymore.

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    I have never found housing systems interesting in any mmo. Now if they offer some kind of benefit, then I'd like them very much. Garrisons are the closest thing, even if obsolete now.

    There would be a new profession needed too who can craft furniture, and one that allows harvesting those materials. And bosses could also drop instance themed furniture or blueprints.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deenman View Post
    the problem is that blizz seems to be to greedy to hire extra people or something,everytime they atempt a really major endevour,like in cataclysm or wod,something else suffers imensly,cata and wod had huge content cuts
    Untrue. 100% false. Cata and WoD had faster power progressions that let you finish content in 3 months instead of the 9 months it took you to farm enough corruptions / resistance and essences to kill mythic N'zoth.

    The only mistake of WoD was that Blizzard didn't milk the content for longer by having less gear drop.

    I'm calling it right now, in 12-18 months we're gonna see the exact same complaints about Shadowlands.
    "I finished the raids and had nothing to do for 5 months, worst expansion since Cata! Rabble rabble"

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    Quote Originally Posted by otaXephon View Post
    It's not player housing as defined by whatever narrow version of criteria that individual person has. And since everybody already universally agrees that "WOD = BAD" then the only thing people agree is that the expansion sucked therefore the feature sucked.
    WoD was awesome. Not because of garrisons, but because it had a fun and relaxed design.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tru View Post
    Don't see why people always say guild housing. What one person has control? 5 top people? How customizable is it? Everything gets a vote? Eliminate the problem do garrison but do it right. There's is literally no point to sit in capital city with trade chat being in that type of area and the group finder existing.
    Well, I know the concept may be foreign, but a guild could come together, talk and decide as a community on TS/Discord. Because that's what guilds are. Ultimately the guild leader decides of course, it's their guild after all.

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