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    Is there any addon for sharing transmog sets between characters?

    So sometimes I made transmog sets on different characters and sometimes I wanna use one transmog on few alts. Is there a way to store and use all my transmog sets on all characters or I have to redo all sets on every char?

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    not sure but MogIt should support that

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    I installed MogIt but kinda not sure what to do with it. I still dont see sets on other characters and dont see option to share sets.

    Ok I installed plugin MogIT TransmogSet and now I have option to see sets made in MogIt at transmog UI so it works for me, thx!
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    I am afraid not. What I am looking for is to add a mount to my tmogs. Oh, and get "Better wardrobe and transmogs" addon.

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    Im testing MogIt but I encountered a problem. When I import sets from Wowhead they have wrong recolor and I have no idea how to change color in MogIt. Those items have same item ID on wowhead and does not matter if its HC/Mythic/Normal. How to use SPECIFIC color (for example mythic recolor) in mogit?

    I think MogIt its just to much for me and I need something easier to use.

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    It's kinda sad that no one has tried to write an addon that lets you add custom sets to the blizzard set tab - that would be so awesome!

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    Removed MogIt and using atm Better wardrobe and Transmog, now I can see and use sets on all characters.

    But I think theres a place for some better Transmog addons that could polish the UI and integrate few other featurs into 1 addon.

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