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    If you're arguing button bloat, Blood did used to have Death Coil baseline as an RP spender while Death Strike costed runes. Are you arguing to go back to this, or are you arguing just to get rid of Death Coil because you personally don't find it useful? Also, why do you think specs shouldn't have tools to deal with situations?
    Because the situation you described is such a forum theoretical as to not be relevant?
    Ther is no universe where you're going to have
    Crimson scourge;
    Other grip;
    blood drinker; and/or;
    All on CD at the same time, need snap aggro inside a GCD and just be floating rp you don't need to live (especially at low haste levels). Literally, the only situation even close to this I could imagine where you're this tapped out would be if you're already tanking a massive pack.

    Im not saying blood shouldn't have dc, I'm saying that even in this scenario you're better off saving the rp for DS and just walking to the mob or having it kited to you (further to this you should basically never have both no runes and capped rp as any spec but especially blood).

    EDIT; BTW just to point out how rare it is to actually ever need to pull just a single mob, I've prog tanked inside top100 kills and my fair share of high m+ as blood and I don't even have caress on my bars.
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