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My theory is that it was more a deliberate attack by Denathrius, under the command of the Jailer, than a soul naturally passing through. Souls from Revendreth that have been redeemed can be sent back to Oribos to be re-judged, so I assume he has access to the soul stream. In Castle Nathria, the ritual conducted on Kael'thas is to infuse him with the burdens and sins of others to basically turn him into an unstable anima-bomb -- radiating with the same red energy that disables the Arbiter. Maybe Kael is the second soul-bomb to be created, after one used to disrupt the machine. Bonus points if said hypothetical soul-bomb was someone we knew.
This is actually very interesting indeed! Didn’t know how redemption from Revendreth works so it might make a lot of sense.