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    Compatibility between motherboard and RAM sticks

    So black week is upon us and I've been thinking of upgrading my 8gb RAM to 16gb after checking out the prices at my local electronics store.

    I have a 970A-G46 motherboard and the RAM sticks I found are Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB DDR4 3200 MHz.

    Are these compatible, and is there any easy way to find the answers to these kinds of questions for myself before turning to the forums?

    If it's not do any of you have any recommendations of what I could get instead? 8gb of RAM is not working well for me right now so would really love to get up to 16gb at least.
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    That motherboard uses DDR3 memory while the ones you found are DDR4 and they are not compatible. You need to find DDR3 memory to upgrade.
    However that board is kinda old paired with not so good AMD CPUs and you might need to look into upgrading the whole system.

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    Don't think it's worth getting a DDR3 mb anymore though. If you get a DDR4 mb, RAM will be cheaper and better.

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