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    Restro/Enh Shaman LF M+/Raiding Guild - EST PM hours are best! LF friendly and active

    Restro/Enh Shaman LF M+/Raiding Guild - EST PM hours are best! LF friendly and active

    Haven't played in a few years but I've been healing raids since Vanilla.

    I'm 177 ilvl atm.

    I've raided mythics before and can heal really well.

    Need somewhere to call home and raid with after a long day at work please!

    Velanar - Silver Hand - Alliance.

    I'll transfer servers for a good guild

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    If you're willing to stretch those Enhance muscles for raid and still have the opportunity to heal M+ dungeons....

    We are the Heroic Raiding guild on Stormrage, PugLife. We are a small (11 raiders) but tight knit group of adults that enjoy playing this game for fun. PugLife is a fairly casual raiding environment where we prioritize fun with friends over hardcore mentalities. That being said, we get our AOTC every raid tier and will address performance issues if they are holding the group back. While we do tell our raiders that until those performance issues are fixed, you may be asked to sit from raid, we’ve never had that problem arise because we’re happy to work with you on how to improve in your class!

    Here are some of the other details you’re probably dying to know.

    Raid times: T/TH 10PM-12AM EST (Server time)
    Current Progression: 3/10H
    What are we looking for? 1-2 dps to fill out a 2-3-9 comp. All good players will be considered but we could use a mage, DH, or boomy.

    If you’re concerned by our progression, I’ll be transparent and say we are rebuilding after an old guild merger gone wrong. Unfortunately, there were issues the two guilds could not reconcile and we parted ways. We have had our core raiders change roles, in some cases, so we have spent time gearing new toons/specs to better our raid. However, we are fully heroic ready now and are pressing back into progression!

    If you’re looking for a friendly raid environment with people who understand that learning and mistakes are all part of the progression process, let me know! We also make time for M+ and do our best to help people maximize the loot they’ll receive from their vaults each week. Some of us even participate in a free to play Friday event where we play other games together. We are a community waiting for you!

    Add me on battle net for more information or just to chat.

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